TMI: Stephen A. Smith Just Hinted At His Sexual Habits

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Prepare to learn more about ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith than you may have wanted to.

Or maybe this is the kind of thing you wanted to hear. I won’t judge… too harshly.

Stephen A. has himself a new podcast — Know Mercy — which means he has been doing the promotional rounds, even popping onto Fox News. One of his stops was on Jake Paul’s podcast, BS w/ Jake Paul.

Paul’s girlfriend, Julia Rose, had a question for Smith. Actually, two questions. Very straightforward ones and she wanted an honest, “no bullsh-t” answer.

“Do you…” Rose started pausing for dramatic effect. “Stephen A… eat ass?”

The verdict?

“No,” Smith said, furrowing his brow in disgust. “That’s a God’s honest answer, never. I don’t have to.”

Julia Rose soldiered on — like the hard-hitting journalist she is — with a follow-up question.

“Have you gotten your ass eaten?” she asked.

You can see Smith’s trademark air of incredulity fade away in an instant upon hearing that question. He then changed his tune.

“That’s private,” he said coyly and to a smattering of applause from what was either the podcast’s production crew or a very small in-studio audience.

I… I don’t know where to go from that.

If you made it this far, I’m sorry that there’s no way for you to instantly forget what you just learned.

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