Stephen A. Smith Slams Celtics’ Handling of Ime Udoka As Showing ‘Societal Inequity’

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Stephen A. Smith is accusing the Boston Celtics of social inequity, akin to police brutality, after the team decided to cut ties with former head coach Ime Udoka to promote their interim coach, Joe Mazzulla.

If that sounds familiar, it’s probably because Stephen A. previously accused Boston of anti-Black behavior back in September.

ESPN’s darling was back at it on Thursday after the Boston Celtics announced that they cut ties with Udoka in favor of Mazzulla, who’s led the team to an NBA-leading 42-17 record heading into the All-Star break.

Keep in mind Mazzulla is also African-American.

New Celtics head coach, Joseph Mazzulla. (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

Udoka has been suspended all year after (allegedly) getting caught sleeping with a Celtics staffer in the offseason. With Mazzulla making the most out of the opportunity, it made all the sense for Boston to promote the new guy without baggage.

So how did Stephen A. manage to get upset at the Celtics and accuse them of anti-African American prejudice?

The jump in logic could’ve made Spud Webb blush.

Celtics Are Supposedly Guilty of Racism, Police Brutality, Etc.

Speaking on First Take Thursday morning with fellow outcry champ Jay Williams, Stephen A. Smith launched into his diatribe against the Celtics, accusing them of mistreating Udoka due to the color of his skin rather than his actions or Mazzulla’s success.

Former Celtics head coach, full-time ladies man Ime Udoka.
(Photo by Jim Davis/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

“You could’ve handled it differently; they put him on the front street,” Stephen A. said.

He added, “With his personal business, and I happen to know many occasions where that never happened to people who look a lot differently than me or you.

“This is where I make people uncomfortable, and I don’t give two damns about it. Y’all full of it, and it really ticks me off with that.”

ESPN’s Echo Chamber

Of course, Jay Williams agreed with Stephen A., but Williams also happens to be the guy who celebrated Ime Udoka as the first-ever African-American coach hired by the organization when he was in fact their sixth.


Stephen A. then compared the alleged prejudice by the Celtics to police brutality, stating that African-American coaches are held to a different standard than White coaches.

(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

“What we can do is point out the inconsistency. When you talk about Black folks and what we’re really aspiring for, what you’re talking about fair and equal treatment. Not just under the law but period. No matter what may disgust us as a people, if you do to everybody, what you do to us, we gon’ go like this, ‘that’s the way it goes.'”

Then came the police brutality part …

“When we talk about police brutality, what are we talking about here? We’re talking about the fact you see an unarmed Black man getting shot, but White folks shooting at cops, and they get arrested. Murdering folks, and they getting arrested.

“Getting stopped at Burger King, for crying out loud. The inequity of the treatment is what we’re talking about. Obviously, this case has nothing to do with the violence I just brought up.”

Celtics Should’ve Coddled Udoka For His Wrongdoing

Stephen A.’s claim of the Celtics and NBA’s implicit racism against Black people and coaches completely missed the mark when looking at the actual numbers regarding how talent is valued in the Association.

When half of the coaches in the Association are Black, and roughly 72 percent of players in the NBA are Black, it doesn’t sound like an underlying agenda against this sect of the population is actually working.

That is, if that alleged prejudice existed, and in Stephen A’s world, race rules everything around him.

Congratulations to Joe Mazzulla, the organization’s seventh Black head coach. Or, by Jay Williams’ count, their second.

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