Jay Williams Praises Celtics For Their First Black Coach. Problem Is, This Is Their Sixth.

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As of 4:37 p.m. (PST), Jay Williams announced that he did not post the tweet and that his account password has been changed — without clear indication of “hacking.”

Ask Jay Williams if 1:31 p.m. is too early for a drink; he’d probably say no.

Deleted shortly after it was posted, ESPN basketball analyst Jay Williams gave his thoughts on the Boston Celtics hiring Ime Udoka — celebrating the moment as “the first head coach of color for @Celtics,” on Twitter.

The rest of his tweet read: “He is one talented individual who has paid his dues.”

What the celebratory statement failed to acknowledge is that five Celtics head coaches of color preceded Udoka. Followers on Twitter were quick to point out the tweet’s inaccuracy, perceived as an attempt for clickbait.

The list of former minority head coaches includes Bill Russell, M.L. Carr., Tom Sanders, K.C. Jones and Doc Rivers — who led Boston to their most recent NBA Championship in 2008.

The title would technically be given to Bill Russell regarding major North American sports when he became a head coach in 1966, though Fritz Pollard became a co-head coach in 1921 for the Akron Pros football team.

Ime Udoka is of Nigerian-American descent and formally an assistant head coach for the Brooklyn Nets. Udoka is now slated to take over head coaching duties left by the new Celtics President of Basketball Operations, Brad Stevens.

The Celtics lost to the Nets in a 4-1 series defeat in the 2020-2021 playoffs, entering as the No. 7 seed in the East.

Fans and viewers around the NBA can only hope that Udoka’s acuity for basketball and its history surpasses that of the ESPN commentator.

Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. Jay Williams is a major fraud –shows the (worthless) value of a Duke education. Had defrauded the Bulls w/ that ridiculous motorbike injury, defrauded his way to kick Mike Golic off of his spot at the morning show, and now this. Not sure why ESPN keeps pimpin’ this guy who has no basketball cred, no street cred, and no knowledge and no rating (Keyshawn is far, far better and more entertaining).

  2. I could name four Celtic black coaches off the top of my head, and that Bill Russell was major sports’ first. Most of them have even won titles, not sure about ML Carr or Tom Sanders(the one coach I couldn’t name).

  3. I love how he implies someone hacked into his account to make that post. As if that’s something a hacker would ever write under Jay’s account! I mean I could understand if the post was provacative or Bulger or insulting. But other than being oblivious and wrong about the point it made. There wasn’t anything else too it, and he thinks we’re dumb enough to believe a hacker got into his account to post that? Man he must really think people are stupid. Instead of just Manning up and admitting he jumped the gun and made a mistake, he pulls the ‘I was Hacked’ Card! Onlyy something a LOSER Does!

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