Stephen A. Smith Defends Fox News After Max Kellerman Says Its Viewers Are ‘Susceptible to Low-Quality Information’

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Yesterday, Max Kellerman called out the entire SEC claiming its residents are “susceptible to low-quality information and propaganda.” And thus, in Kellerman’s mind, why they vote for President Donald Trump. (He had no opinion on those who live in New York and are going to vote for Joe Biden.)

Kellerman didn’t back down today. Instead, he did it again. This time about Fox News. All of them. The network, employees, and its viewers.

When discussing Brian Urlacher’s criticism of protests, Kellerman said he was “susceptible to low-quality information” presented by Fox News.

His co-host, Stephen A. Smith did not take this kindly. Smith said that you can say the same thing about CNN and MSNBC. It then got heated:

The best part of the discussion is Kellerman claiming the New York Times and Washington Post are high-quality. Yes, the two newspapers that have taken left-wing partisanship to new heights.

It’s also laughable to claim that Fox News is more biased than CNN and MSNBC. I present to you the following: Rachel Maddow, Brian Stelter, Chris Cuomo, Chris Hayes, and the worst of all, Don Lemon.

By the way, you know what network is more untrustworthy on political topics? Hint: it once covered sports.

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Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. Hey…Sad Max…quick question for your obvious powerful intellect:
    If you were on the street in Wash DC last night and you turned up the wrong street heading for your hotel…would you have been (A) cheered or (B) jeered?
    Would you have been (A) handed a bottle of water or (B) clunked on the head with it?
    If you answered (A) to either question you’re (A) a damn liar, and (B) a clueless POS.

  2. Stephen A trying to subtly tell Max, “Shut the f*ck up…Republicans watch our show, too.” while Max refuses to take the hint without being beaten over the head with it is pure comedy.

  3. Does he mean the “independent” fact checkers who only fact check the President and Fox News? Where are the fact checkers on the other side? Where were they during the Russia collusion scandal that lasted 3 years? I’ll tell you where they were; Fox News.

    I love how he says there was a knife in the car but he wasn’t reaching for it. How the hell does he know what he was reaching for? I actually do like Kellerman, when he sticks to sports. My blood boils when he acts like his “facts” on politics are irrefutable and not worthy to be debated. I’m waiting for the video of Finebaum to go on there to tear him a new one about the SEC fans/voters/consumers that he basically called ignorant and dumb.

  4. It always amazes me that people with no experience dealing with the subject they are talking about have all the answers. I spent 30 yrs. as a uniformed Police Officer. I was a Special Weapons and Tactics Team member and Supervisor for 15 of those years. I received “use of deadly force training” at least once a year Every Year! When an Officer decides “deadly force” is needed he uses it to “Stop The Action”! If it takes one shot or twenty shots, the use of that level of force will continue until the “ACTION STOPS” The use of deadly force is not the TV version! There is no “winging” of the suspect nor do you “shoot them in the leg”! You fire at “center mass”. The fact that seven rounds were fired was a clear indicator to me that the suspect’s actions led the Officer to believe that the “threat” was continuing! Secondly, the location of the wounds indicate the Officer was shooting at “center mass”, which happened to be the back of the suspect, at the time the rounds were fired. This is consistent with the proper deployment of the rounds at the target. It would indicate the suspect was actively reaching for a weapon or attempting to conceal one. It infuriates me, when people with no training, no experience and no background in this specific subject, take it upon themselves to pass judgement before the facts have even come out! Even Gottlieb, who claims Clay as a friend, took this approach on his show and it was infuriating! I had to use deadly force on a suspect “of color” who turned out to be unarmed, to save a woman’s life in the early portion of my career. My shooting was deemed ‘justified” after a thorough District Attorney investigation. I shudder to think what that investigation would look like today!

    • Thanks for your reply, sgmargolin. It`s always good to hear from the other side before forming an opinion. I`ve never served in law enforcement and i don`t know why Tony Brooks was shot seven times in the back, but the facts will come out during the investigation. My main take away from the three high profile cases (Minneapolis, Atlanta and Kenosha) is this: When a police officer tells you to sit still and cooperate, then DO IT! It doesn`t mean struggle, fight , argue or just be a big pain in the ass. These shootings/deaths happened, in part, because all they did was fight with the cops and if your going to do that, eventually death / injury is going to happen. It`s funny. I RARELY hear of death or injury from a police officer (regardless of what you look like) when you just cooperate during a traffic stop.

  5. OK so there was a knife on the floorboard on the drivers side the perp was not following instructions had been tased twice cops were called there on a dv which can be one of the most dangerous calls leos respond to. And if you notice how the perp was entering the vehicle bent over head first most people i know and myself put a leg in first and then sit down not bent over head first. Just an observation where one might conclude the perp was going for something you have to consider the totality of what was happening. Stephen A was correct in laying the smack down on his dude good for him. And facts still matter.

  6. Reminder: Max Kellerman is the same guy who has argued that the name “Notre Dame Fighting Irish” is racist and must be changed. If he would do some research, he would discover that the nickname came from an incident back in the 1920s when the KKK held a rally in South Bend to intimidate all the Catholics there. A bunch of ND students went into town, fought off the KKK, and forced them out of town. The next day, the newspapers nicknamed the students, who were primarily Irish Catholics, the “Fighting Irish.” That’s how the name stuck. But apparently, Kellerman thinks that’s “racist” and Fox News is all “propaganda.” By the way, I thought ESPN was a sports network???

  7. This is what you get when the sports media dives into politics. The sports media is probably the least qualified animal in the media ecosystem to talk politics, even as it relates to sports. They come across as biased, uninformed, and incapable of presenting multiple views or actual facts. It’s like listening to high school kids debating political issues. Simply embarrassing.

  8. SAS may be right about all of the cable channels being slanted….but then we get to “how does him reaching for a knife justify shooting him”.

    This is just ignorance, and like a lot of discussion on this topic in the media, people need to actually look at the law and talk to law enforcement about how this stuff works. In almost every state of the union, a knife is considered a deadly weapon and for good reason. The FBI data for 2017 says almost 1,600 people were killed by knife attacks in the US that year:

    Guys, if you pull a knife on a cop (or a private citizen) it is a credible threat of deadly harm under the law almost anywhere in the country. Ask yourself how we would feel if there was a gun laying on the floorboard of the car, and after resisting arrest and overpowering officers outside his car, this individual opened the car door next to it? A knife is not any different.

    And if you think it’s different, why is that? Are you looking at it through a Hollywood/pop culture lens, or are you looking at it through an informed perspective from tactical training and the statutory law about how dangerous a knife is?

    At least make an attempt to get a qualified opinion instead of propagating ignorance. You could save someone’s LIFE by telling the public that reaching for a knife after fighting the cops hand to hand is a form of suicide by cop. That seemed like something we all knew a couple of years ago.

    If bodycam footage emerges that shows the officer issuing a verbal command not to go for the knife (which would match hundreds of cases like this with video on YouTube) before shooting, there is no way anyone will be convicted of a crime, it will be ruled as justifiable homicide. We sow the seeds of rioting, murder and poverty after these cops are acquitted if we do not do due diligence in telling people accurate statements about this stuff in the meantime.

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