Max Kellerman: Trump Base in SEC Seems Susceptible to Low Quality Information and Easy to Propagandize

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Max Kellerman, speaking in a segment on First Take today about what all of the ongoing protests in the NBA and canceled practices mean in the NFL, said that President Donald Trump’s base voters in the SEC “seem to be susceptible to very low quality information and easy to propagandize and almost immune to facts”:

“You made the argument a couple weeks ago, you thought if SEC football wasn’t played that could swing the general election because people in Trump’s base would be very upset that they didn’t have football, which is practically a religion down there,” Kellerman said, speaking to Stephen A. Smith. “I disagreed because he would simply shift blame because the pandemic is raging. They seem to be susceptible to very low quality information and easy to propagandize and almost immune to facts. Because, as Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s advisor, said, they have alternative facts. If they stay in their propaganda silos — like the Fox News propaganda silo — it wouldn’t matter what happened because they’d say the handling of the pandemic has been great. The handling of the pandemic has been the worst in the industrialized democratic world, by far. By far, in the United States, at a federal level, it’s been a disaster. And as a result we’re dealing with this pandemic. And yet I didn’t think that would affect voters because the blame would be shifted.”

You can watch the full segment here.

“If the NFL doesn’t play football — I think the NFL players have a lot of power here — if they don’t play football, at a certain point, the core will remain but the [NFL] football base goes all throughout the country,” Kellerman continued. “It doesn’t just hit one or another’s political base, but insofar as there’s a such thing as swing voters still, it would absolutely affect some of them. If the NFL season isn’t played or it’s interrupted, as a result of social justice issues — and of course we all understand this is against the backdrop of the pandemic … I know we exist in this sports bubble and we have this outsized idea of the effect of sports, but I think that might actually have political consequences in a general election.”

The SEC conference recently agreed to a blockbuster deal with ESPN and Disney for them to be their exclusive rights partners; the SEC Game of the Week will move from CBS to ESPN/ABC after the 2023 season. It is unlikely that the conference will be enamored about this characterization of some of their fans.

Written by Ryan Glasspiegel

Ryan Glasspiegel grew up in Connecticut, graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison, and lives in Chicago. Before OutKick, he wrote for Sports Illustrated and The Big Lead. He enjoys expensive bourbon and cheap beer.


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  1. So Max can generalize an entire region of people, basically call them stupid bc they disagree with him, and go over the top politically…on a sports show…all in one rant. ESPN: good riddance. (I do miss old school Sportscenter tho admittedly…Eisen, Scott, Van Pelt, Patrick…when sports were just sports)

  2. Max Keller– bwahahahahaha!
    See, I can’t even get through his name without cracking up.
    Lightweight yet overgrown child who has impunity that no one who disagrees with him has, if working for that “woke” dump.
    I’m not for cancel culture as a mob activity, but folks in SEC territory might want to make individual “buy” decisions about this fellow and his network.

    • Hey Lorne,
      Great commentary…I started laughing as soon as you did LMAO.
      If he’s not the poster child for Trump Derangement Syndrome then maybe LeBigot.
      Is there NOTHING that they won’t try to conflate with the President!!! (Declarative, not a question lol).
      Maybe Mad Max is thinking about going the “Keith Olbermann route” and switching to politics…him and Don “the Dumbest man on TV” Lemon??? (That’s a question lol). Didn’t work so good for Keith, though.

  3. Just when I had almost forgotten how nice it has been not to listen to Max Kellerman every single morning as I used to watch First Take religiously, here he is again, but only worse. Ironic, given it is Outkick that allowed me to forever leave ESPN in my rear view mirror who has ruined my morning once more. Not certain to praise or condemn you Outkick, so I’ll just wait for Whitlock to explain to me which way to go on this one, with my tongue square against my cheek. Keep up the great work Outkick, Clay, Jason, et al. Best, Archbold

  4. Mike Greenberg and Max Kellerman are 10-15 years apart and from the exact same damn NY neighborhood. How does this happen? And they are both on msESPcnn together. Stephen A is also from NY and he is front runner rooting for the Yankees and Cowboys and Lakers/Knicks.

    It tells you how media actually works. It’s a myth that they select talent or find it. Clay is self Made.

    Big Media often appoints a safe soft feminine men to do their bidding. And make sure they grow a George Michael beard to look manly.

    I don’t know how they decide what women to appoint, because I can’t watch any of them anymore.

  5. Who is the puppet master at espn. Someone behind the curtain pushing this. What marketing class is teaching its okay to alienate your hard working, tax paying customer base in favor of folks who live in basement at moms house….

  6. Hey Kellernan…This Southern, SEC university grad could care less what you think!! Since you collectively group an entire population of people into a comment…How about I say something demeaning & derogatory about ALL ESPN sports writers that function in an anger filled, name calling universe because you can’t handle people that don’t agree with whatever you tell us too. Liberals are truly still pouting because Killary lost…sore losers! Hate that the SEC channel sold out to ESPN(Enthusiastically Spewing Putrid Nonsense) btw if you took the time to get to know SEC fans you’d find them to be informed & the MOST hospitable in the country but don’t research facts just spout hateful verbiage!

  7. “… in the United States, at a federal level, it’s been a disaster…” That statement is as ignorant as he is. He has no idea that the all this was moved to the STATE level and was run by the same (probably) Democrat Governors he would support. When a guy like Cuomo places known deviants (like boxers who beat up old men on video) into nursing facilities, then YES, it’s a disaster. Trump is busy enough trying to keep a country together at the seams of division that the other party, and even some within (RINO), are trying to keep at the forefront so folks like he can espouse on air as being a disaster. STOP VOICING POLITICS IN SPORTS! STICK TO THE PLAN THAT IS SPORTS!

  8. Unfortunately Max is the one susceptible to low-quality information and propaganda. The Covid epidemic is hardly “raging” and the US’ response is far from the worst in the industrialized world. Max is himself a liar, a propagandist and an idiot who obviously gets all his news from CNN and/or ESPN.

  9. We are essentially splitting into two separate countries like the Civil war, only this time its the major metro folks like Max and AOC vs. the Suburbanites and Country folks. We could not be further apart in terms of our values and beliefs. I say let them ruin their cities, the day will come that they will realize exactly where their welfare politics and secular, ego worshiping values got them. The world has seen this act before. The Bible is full of examples.

  10. Does anyone else here feel like they are doing pretty well in life, business, just generally a good person and citizen? I do, fall asleep pretty easily on most nights. I would even go as far as to say the people I work with view me as smart!
    Yet, I’m called an idiot by everyone who doesn’t agree with me politically…

    • You’ll notice most of the lefties/woke folks are incredibly unhappy, doing poorly in business, and can’t sleep very well. They are a ball of anxiety and depression, no wonder they blame Trump and the police, its because they are miserable people.

  11. This commentary by Kellerman is exactly why I’ve unsubscribed to all ESPN podcasts. I’ve also unsubscribed to almost all of my local sports podcasts. Everyone is jostling for position to be the most understanding.

    It is like a bunch of high school teachers trying to be the “wokest” teacher among the cool kids and it comes out as pandering at its worst.

    The house is on fire and everyone is worried about the deck.

  12. Kellerman bloviates like all leftist elites do in their insultingly simplistic manner in attempting to obscure their actual belief that Southern Whites are nothing but “dumb ass rednecks” incapable of independent thought.
    Their shit is weak and I’m sick of hearing it.

  13. First thing… Thank you Ryan for sharing this…. Second thing… Who is Max Kellerman? Third thing… Since I have no idea who he is, he must be some expert on how people get their news. Since he is commenting from espen he has got to be ahead of the curve. Or, he just has his own opinion and he doesn’t believe people have a brain (the article said SEC). I believe that he is just angry because people want to live life and his life sucks someway. He just wants to be a Keller Downer

  14. Kellerman is a classic liberal elitist. His viewpoint is: “I’m way smarter than you. So if you disagree with me, it’s because you’re not nearly as smart as me. And by the way, you SEC Southern Rednecks are a bunch of brainless sheep.”

  15. Kellerman is a typical leftist guilt ridden white beta male. Thinking his
    Ivy League education makes him better than anyone, he feels middle America and especially Southerners are beneath him. Hey you limousine lib. Perdon me sir, do you have any grey poupon!

  16. Max, like most of the other white sportscasters/writers, implies that his rhetoric is somehow morally courageous but it is exactly the opposite. It is about narcissistic, virtue signaling and self-preservation.
    He will never bite the hand that feeds him ( even though he might have accidentally did so by insulting those fans). The pursuit of truth, civil discourse and critical thinking will always take a back seat to his paycheck.

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