Steph Curry Pleased With Robert Sarver Selling The Suns: ‘What Should Have Happened’

Steph Curry is among the crowd that doesn’t believe Robert Sarver’s one-year suspension and $10 million fine was a strict enough punishment. The NBA decided on the terms after an investigation that found that he used the n-word at least five times “when recounting the statements of others.”

Sarver was also reportedly involved in “instances of inequitable conduct toward female employees,” that included “sex-related comments” and inappropriate comments on employees’ appearances.

Curry is happy that Sarver is looking to sell the Phoenix Suns following the announcement of his punishment and the tremendous amount of pushback he received.


The Golden State Warriors star spoke about the Sarver situation for the first time on Sunday. He explained that he reached out to NBA commissioner Adam Silver to get an explanation. Curry, like teammate Draymond Green, sounds like he wanted Sarver removed from the NBA completely.

“[I] got [Silver’s] point of view of what decisions and, I guess, mechanisms he had to intervene and bring down a punishment that was worthy of the actions that we were all responding to and representing the league as a whole and protecting the integrity of the league and the standard that we set terms of from execs, ownership, all the way down to players,” Curry said during the Warriors’ media day.

“There should be a standard around what’s tolerable and what’s not.”

NBA Hands Down Punishment For Suns Owner Over Racism Allegations
Robert Sarver. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

After Sarver’s punishment was announced on Sept. 13th, Sarver reportedly came to the decision to sell the team on Sept. 21st. This was an outcome Curry was pleased with.

“I think the outcome was exactly what should have happened.” Curry said. “Honestly, I thought with the punishment that was handed down, it would have dragged out a little longer. But I’m glad we got to a point where hopefully the team is up for sale sooner than later and can kind of move on knowing that’s where it should be.”

Sarver is also the owner of the WNBA’s Phoenix Mercury and is looking to sell that franchise as well. He bought the Suns for $401 million in 2004.

Written by Mark Harris

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