Australian Influencer Shares Hilarious Story About Ghosting Leonardo DiCaprio

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Steph Claire Smith isn’t impressed by someone being a celebrity, and that even includes Leonardo DiCaprio.

The popular Instagram influencer and “KICPOD” host revealed during a recent conversation with Laura Henshaw that she once ghosted the “Wolf of Wall Street” star.

The two met in a club, but she’d just started dating the man of her dreams. When Leo shot his shot and asked for her number, she quickly had to try to find a way to lose him.

Steph Smith shot down Leonardo DiCaprio.

“I just decided to lie. We had one of those traveling SIM cards. So, we did have a number, but I was like, “Oh, we don’t have [a number]! We’re just here, like, for a couple of days,” Smith explained when breaking how he asked for her number.

However, her drunk friend ended up revealing they did, in fact, have a working cell number, which was promptly handed over to the star actor. However, Smith remained loyal to her boyfriend and nothing happened.

She iced out the most famous bachelor in the world. Smith joked, “I’m the one who got away. What can I say?”

Even Leo shoots and misses.

This should make all the bros out there who regularly swing and miss at the bars feel much better. Even Leonardo DiCaprio doesn’t smoke a homer every single time he steps up to the plate.

If the most famous bachelor in the country with deep pockets, a decorated acting career and plenty of fame misses, then you should definitely not sweat striking out at the bar with some random woman.

It’s too bad we don’t have a video of this exchange because it would be comical. DiCaprio’s dating stories are the stuff of legend.

He’s seemingly dated just about every major model you can think of. In this case, he just spotted someone who was a random woman. He probably figured it was shooting fish in a barrel. Instead, he ended up being left on read.

Also, notice how in the story, DiCaprio notes that the number he handed out is the one he could be “reached” at. There’s a 100% chance it was a burner number. That’s not how normal people talk. Normal people just say, “This is my number.”

Of course, normal people also don’t have hundreds of millions of dollars and the need to cut and run at a moment’s notice. The rules are a shade different when you’re Leonardo DiCaprio.

Stephanie Claire Smith ghosted Leonardo DiCaprio. (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Netflix)

Better luck next time, Leo. Better luck next time!

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  1. Sure, whatever you say darlin. In 5 years, DiCaprio will still be DiCaprio but she’ll be just another post-wall dusty making TikToks insisting men “step up” and telling us she ‘knows her worth’.

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