Stefon Diggs Behavior During, After Bills Loss Serves As Reminder Of Past Issues

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The honeymoon for Stefon Diggs and the Buffalo Bills might finally be over. After the team traded the Minnesota Vikings for the star receiver, it seemed to be a perfect marriage.

But behind all perfect marriages are the issues that no one else sees. Unfortunately for Diggs and the Bills, their marriage is on national television weekly. And the cracks in the foundation show during Sunday’s loss to the Bengals.

They got worse after the game, too.

Diggs has been a star on the field for the team in his three years in Buffalo. He led the league in catches and yards in his first season. He’s recorded 100+ catches and 1,200+ receiving yards in each of his three seasons in Western New York.

And, by all accounts, he’s been a model teammate. And, like a married couple, Stefon Diggs even said he “wants to grow old” with quarterback Josh Allen.

Bills QB Josh Allen embraces with WR Stefon Diggs
Is the bromance between Bills QB Josh Allen and WR Stefon Diggs coming to a rocky end? (Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images)

All of that ran counter to what some within the Minnesota Vikings organization said about Diggs. Heck, even Diggs himself admitted that he was a “bad teammate” towards the end.

Those “bad teammate” feelings bubbled up on Sunday.

Stefon Diggs throws sideline tantrum, leaves facility immediately after loss

Diggs could be seen on the sideline seemingly yelling at Allen at one point. Allen ignores Diggs and continues to look over game materials. Any husband who’s undergone an onslaught in the kitchen can certainly relate.

After the loss, Diggs just … left.

He didn’t even wait for the entire staff to make it to the locker room before he was gone. No speech to the team, no apology for acting out, nothing. He just … left. Duke Johnson brought him back and then he just … left. Again.

It’s really easy to be a good teammate when things are going well. The true leaders understand that dealing with adversity is the key.

But Diggs admitted to having a bad attitude when things weren’t going the way he wanted them to in Minnesota. Now, we have evidence that it’s happening again.

Maybe Diggs is a bad teammate. I don’t know, I’ve never shared a locker room with the guy.

I can tell you this, though: as a married man, I understand that relationships are give and take.

Diggs was happy taking all the great throws from Josh Allen that garnered him three-straight Pro Bowl nods and two All-Pro team honors. Something he never earned in Minnesota.

Now that things aren’t going as swimmingly, Diggs doesn’t seem to be giving much back to Allen. Except, of course, some anger followed by a silent treatment.

Those marriages don’t work.

Maybe it’s time for some counseling for Diggs and Allen.

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