Stanley Cup, Larry O’Brien Trophy Ride NYC Subway, Didn’t Get Mugged, Believe It Or Not

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Two of the most famous trophies in sports took a morning commute together aboard New York City’s subway system.

The Stanley Cup and the NBA’s Larry O’Brien Trophy hopped aboard the trains and believe it or not, no one pushed either one of them onto the tracks or stole their handlers’ wallets.

That’s a victory.

It all started with the Larry O’Brien Trophy’s bucket list, which it tweeted out last week. At the bottom of the list, was “Meet the Stanley Cup.”

One of the weird things about social media and people making accounts for businesses and inanimate objects is that while there are people behind the scenes writing the tweets, it starts to feel like they’re talking to each other which is weird. Like, it’s always kind of weird when Wendy’s starts talking smack to Burger King because they use round burgers.

We had that phenomenon happening here, as the Stanley Cup responded to the Larry O’Brien Trophy saying that they should do lunch (now they’re not just sentient; they eat too).

See, kids? That’s why you need to speak the things you want into existence.

The Stanley Cup’s people called the Larry O’Brien Trophy’s people, and they hit the rails in search of some grub.

Taking Out Your Phone On Public Transportation Is Nervewracking; Imagine Carrying Around the Stanley Cup

They made it off the subway and through Times Square (without being accosted by a bootleg Elmo that smells like pee) and had some sammiches at Katz’s Delicatessen.

All I could think about was what serious cajones the dudes lugging the trophies around have. I would be nervous to get on a New York subway if I was wearing a watch. I’d assume that made me a good robbin’ target for every vagrant on board. Those fellas showed up with two of the most famous trophies in sports and had nary a problem.

I’m sure they had a security detail on par with most foreign dignitaries )which if you think about it, the Stanley Cup kind of is a foreign dignitary in a way), but still, I’d have my head on a swivel until my neck got so sore it could no longer swivel.

Think how much the contents of their car were worth with both trophies sitting in there. It’s a miracle they didn’t get The Taking of Pelham One Two Three-ed.

Fortunately, both pieces of hardware made it out unscathed and are just a few weeks away from being handed out.

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