Stanford University Deems ‘Grandfather,’ ‘Brave’ And ‘White Paper’ As Harmful Words

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Earlier this week, Stanford University declared the word “Americanharmful. The college updated its “language index” to ask university members to replace the term with “U.S. Citizen.”

According to Stanford, “American” refers to “people from the United States only, thereby insinuating the U.S. is the most important country in the Americas.” (Which it is.)

But that’s not the only word getting the kibosh. Stanford University’s Council of People of Color in Technology has added an entire list of terms to the “harmful index.

The university plans to eliminate each word on the naughty list from its website and computer code. And the list is a dandy, one emblematic of the fall of supposedly prestigious universities.

We stress Stanford, not the Babylon Bee, produced the following guidelines:

Stanford’s index of ‘harmful language,’ via Daily Mail.

So, “grandfather” is not sexist but racist? It represents the suppression of black voters. Rough look for my legacy person, Ed Burack.

Walk in” is now an ableist phrase, says Stanford.

Noted. However, it seems discriminatory to the non-white students who dropped out of college to amplify the phrase “drop-in.”

Do better, Stanford University’s Council of People of Color in Technology.

Ahh, “wh*te paper.”

But why even use wh*te paper at all? Black, green, brown, blue, pink, or anything but that nasty color of privilege would suffice.

Here’s hoping the school also changes the word for the big marker boards that rest on the walls of classrooms. Its title and color surely cause some trauma.

As for the dismantling of the word “brave,” the Stanford social team has much to learn:

Be “none,” Jason Collins. Be none.

Trade school, anyone?

You read the above list and question whether Stanford is a bastion of knowledge or indoctrination.

Denouncing the words “American,” “brave,” and “grandfather” sounds more like brainwashing than critical thinking.

Society preaches that Stanford and Harvard and Yale graduates are intellects qualified to carry out society’s most crucial tasks. Yet these universities program students to be NPC types that spread a wonky, condescending worldview — such as the systemic racism of the word “grandfather.”

Fox News host Tucker Carlson stressed that society has overlooked the negative consequences of a college education in an interview with Outkick in 2021:

“There is this idea that college improves your worth. Where is the evidence of that? I’m sure that hard sciences do. If you’re an engineer or you are in medical school, you would learn discrete information, actual facts that you can use and that you need to know in order to join the profession that you want to join. But for kids like me who go in for liberal arts education, I believe it diminishes you.

“I pushed for all four of my children not to go to college, all four. Think about that. My fourth is about to enter college now. I said to all four of them: “Please, don’t do this.” I told them, “I’ll take the money we’re gonna spend in college — we were blessed to have, we saved money for them — and figure out something more interesting to do with this.” But, to my shame, all of them went. And they’re independent, smart, and freethinkers. But the pressure, the social pressure to conform and take this path — which is so clearly a dead end for so many kids — it terrifies me.

“I’m not even factoring in drug addiction, alcoholism, and chlamydia. Do you know what I mean? There are all the other costs of college before even the financial cost. There’s the spiritual cost. Are you more secure? Are you more curious? Braver? Are you better educated than you were when you entered? And for most people, of course, the answer is no. So, why are we doing this?

“I think everyone should opt out, except people with very specific goals. I don’t believe in the system at all. Again, just to restate how much I don’t believe it: my own children, the most important thing in my life, I counseled them all to skip it. That’s how I feel.”

Tucker Carlson to OutKick.

Hard to argue.

Stanford Hates America: School Seeks To Eliminate The Term 'American'
Stanford University finds the word ‘American’ to be harmful.

Meanwhile, there are 7.3 million open jobs right now, most of which don’t require a four-year degree. There is an increasing demand for truckers, welders, plumbers, and carpenters — trades with starting salaries as high as $100,000 a year.

Moreover, such blue-collar fields don’t rank employees by their skin color, sexual orientation, or political views.

And they certainly don’t ask one to go into a lifetime of debt while succumbing to the thesis that “American” is offensive, “walk-in” is ableist, and “killing two birds with one stone” promotes violecne.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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    • I actually laughed out loud at that one. “Grandfather” is racist because “grandfather clause” denied black people the vote. Who were those people using the “grandfather clause” again? Oh yeah, the DEMOCRATS who are now (still?) pushing this bizarre racist lunacy.

  1. Of the various lunatic factions within the Lib/Dem base … few deserve the utter contempt that the Academic Elite continue to earn for themselves. Remove them from their hallowed ivy-covered halls and they are utterly worthless to society. They contribute absolutely nothing.

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