Stacey Abrams Doesn’t Want It To Look Like She Ran The All-Star Game Out Of Atlanta, Gets Help From USA Today

Remember earlier this month when it came out that MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred bent the knee to race gangster Stacey Abrams and a voting rights group tied to LeBron James and Al Sharpton? Now it appears that Stacey is having some second thoughts about boycotting a game that would’ve pumped millions into the Atlanta economy and is getting help from USA Today.

GOP strategist Matt Whitlock first noticed the changes to an Abrams’ op-ed that originally ran in the newspaper on March 31. As Whitlock points out, the op-ed has now gone through changes that make it appear the race gangster wasn’t calling for MLB to move its game. The editorial now includes the following editor’s note: “This column was originally published before the MLB moved the All-Star game out of Atlanta. It was updated after that decision.”

Hold up. Why was the op-ed updated? Why was the line, “Boycotts invariably also cost jobs” added to the revised version of the op-ed?

I think we can all understand what’s going on here. Stacey was caught, her name is now attached to running the All-Star Game out of Atlanta, and it’s going to be used against her in political ways for years to come. Now she’s out there trying to clean up the mess and dialed up the USA Today editorial board to let them know her final editorial was missing some key lines.

Fox News points out that she also added the line, “Instead of a boycott, I strongly urge other events and productions to do business in Georgia and speak out against our law and similar proposals in other states.”

What a backtrack. It’s too late for poor Stacey. The damage is done, and now she has to answer to the people of Atlanta. CNN, of all places, stands by estimates that moving the game out of the city will cost the economy $100 million. That’s on you, Stacey.

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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  1. So when she said to boycott the All Star Game and praised Manfred for moving the game to Colorado, she really meant she wanted the game to stay in Atlanta. Got it.

    I’m going to go home and crack a beer while telling my wife I’m against drinking beer on a Tuesday

  2. What the hell about Stacey Abrams is so special? Of any and all intersectional politicians why her? Cant figure this one out. Not a dynamic speaker, person, personality or accomplished business person. Is there something I should know? Lots of people spending lots of money trying to force feed us Stacey Abrams. For what?

    • She was a local “civil rights” and “voter registration advocate” whose Georgia organizations went around recruiting/lobbying/signing up voters in the years leading up to her gubernatorial run. Then ran and lost. Then her firms came under investigation for fraud, an investigation that evaporated once Biden took office. Its pretty easy to connect the dots.

      In related news, her sister is a Federal judge in Georgia who actually oversaw litigation on the validity of absentee voters Stacy Abrams’ organizations registered prior to the last election. I’ll let you take a wild guess as to her ruling.

    • Agreed. She lost the only political race of substance in which she was a candidate and has been whining ever since about how the election was rigged. Abrams is a nobody that is being propped up for being a black woman politician.

  3. Not to worry, Stacey…you’re gold in Hot ‘Lanta.
    Just like when AOC ran Amazon outta Long Island City, NY and Amazon took a shit ton of well-paying jobs from a location that could have sorely used the infusion of jobs and site development.
    If you’re a DIMcrap with a loud mouth you’re Phat, baby.

  4. Abrams still controls the Notorious Fulton County Precincts i.e.”Urban Atlanta” with an iron fist … they will turn put 150% for whoever she orders them to … whether they actually do or if she manipulates the voter count. … Abrams is a more dangerous racist than Lester Maddox ever was …

    • It was interesting that in her run for Governor the day before the election she didn’t have a prayer coming close to beating Brian Kemp. After the election as the counts continued for days (I know according to her it’s still ongoing) she crept closer. They were trying out the new “Get Manufacturing The Vote” program. That’s when I knew then Georgia would flip blue the next election.

      The large blue cities have turned into a fraud voting machines.

  5. “Black Leaders” like Abrams, Sharpton, Obama, Waters, BurnLootMurder, etc.. get rich off of spewing hate, division and racism while leaving a path of death, destruction and despair through black communities across America.

  6. Ms. Abrams isn’t bright enough to realize changing the op-ed makes her look worse. Changing it shows she knows she made a mistake. In the future, opponents can put the two op-ed’s next to each other and point out that Ms. Abrams made the changes because she knew she cost Georgians millions of dollars.

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