Report: MLB Bent The Knee To Stacey Abrams, LeBron-led Voting Rights Group

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In a report released Wednesday night by Fox Business Senior Correspondent Charlie Gasparino, sources say that Major League Baseball and commissioner Rob Manfred bent the knee under pressure from Stacey Abrams and a voting rights group that also has ties to LeBron James and Rev. Al Sharpton.

Sources tell Fox News that Abrams and Sharpton told Manfred that players would boycott the All-Star Game if he didn’t move the game out of Georgia. Meanwhile, on April 2, Abrams said she was “disappointed” that Major League Baseball had relocated the game out of her state where she’s served politically.

“Like many Georgians, I am disappointed that the MLB is relocating the All-Star game; however, I commend the players, owners and League commissioner for speaking out. I urge others in positions of leadership to do so as well. As I have stated, I respect boycotts, although I don’t want to see Georgia families hurt by lost events and jobs,” Abrams wrote in her response to MLB’s decision to remove the game from Atlanta.

Now, as Fox states, Stacey and her voting rights group are said to be the ones who put pressure on Manfred to acquiesce. Manfred then decided to take the game out of Atlanta rather than deal with a possible player boycott.

Meanwhile, an reporter is spinning this in a different direction. If anything, it definitely sounds like Stacey was sniffing around at Major League Baseball headquarters. You be the judge at to what Stacy was up to here.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. Manfred and MLB are the ones left with their asses hanging out there, and they’re the ones who will take the hit. Boo freaking hoo. Stay the heck out of politics and they wouldn’t have this or many other problems. All-Star players who actually boycotted the Game — if any actually would have followed through on that threat — could easily have been replaced on the rosters for that event.

    Manfred: I’d rather offend and potentially lose tens of millions of fans based on partisan lies than call the bluff of some employees bringing their politics into our workplace.

    [Cue laugh track.]

  2. Damage done Rob! Now Stacey should be asking why MLB has only 7% black players. Double your black players now regardless of talent so the Woke do not come after you.. Rob it will never be enough. By the way can you get me a round at Augusta National since you are still a member?

    • I have a theory on that. It involves 50+ years and 4-5 generations of Black children raised by single parents. Basketball is cheaper than Baseball. Just need a ball, shoes, and a hoop. Baseball requires more time, $$$ for gear/equipment, plus a ball field, which often requires time/travel to get there. When the kids get to high school, they will tryout for Basketball and the Football team, but there is a much smaller pool of little league baseball players to draw talent from.

  3. Lebron and the NBA are almost as disgusting America hating maggots as Jack Dorsey himself. Fuck MLB and fuck the NBA even more. they destroy cities where minorities live just so they can scream white supremacy and gain more power for themselves and of course the sheeple keep believing the lies. hundreds of million of revenue taken away from minorities and given to white liberals in colorado. great job you scumbag Lebron

  4. Thank god we live in the times that we do, back in my childhood (sans internet) this duplicitous gap toothed skin bag of dog shit would have gotten with this two sides of her mouth BS. The MSM will still run as much interference as possible but there will be enough traffic for the truth to see the light of day. Love how she threw Manfredo under the bus while LeBron ran him down.

  5. Christopher MadDog Russo has been saying for several days that Manfred wanted to avoid the potential boycott by the players. He is plugged into MLB so this makes perfect sense. Like so many, Manfred acted before he had all the facts and thought the situation through.

  6. Not sure what Abrams wanted out all this if she was in contact with MLB prior to move of ASG to Denver. It sounds like what she really wanted is a player boycott on day of game for most effect. I think Manfred out-maneuvered her, but at the cost of his reputation.

  7. Fat, disgusting Stacy Abrams is the quintessential race hustler. Right up there with processed Al Sharpton, Mumbles Jesse Jackson, Kendi, and some others. Their all making millions from guilt ridden, self hating White celebrities and corporations. Fuck these pimps and all the honkeys that support them.

  8. Took my mlb extra innings package money back today. Feels good. LeBron and baseball,what could go wrong? Giancarlo Stanton,the LeBron of baseball,became a social justice warrior after he has all his cash guaranteed for ten years. Kaepernick,James and Stanton ruining sports one at a time. Stacey Abrams is sitting back laughing counting her money while spitting seeds through her teeth.

  9. Figures LeFraud was somehow involved in this as well.

    We need to get to the deepest of the deep state involvement…did Obama influnce this outcome too?

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