Zach Wilson Won't Be Cut Loose By The Jets: REPORT

It sounds like Zach Wilson will get at least one more season with the Jets.

The dual-threat QB and former second overall pick had an atrocious 2022 campaign that saw him relegated to the bench.

His future with the franchise and in the NFL is now in question, but the latest report about his status indicates he's not going anywhere.

The Athletic reported the following Saturday:

The Jets remain poised to acquire a veteran quarterback this offseason to take over the starting job, but they’re still assessing their plan of attack. The names to watch are Aaron Rodgers, Jimmy Garoppolo and Derek Carr.
As for Zach Wilson, the Jets don’t intend to trade their 2021 first-round pick because there’s hope he can develop while learning more in a backup capacity.

What does the future hold for Zach Wilson?

The report from The Athletic backs up a report from several weeks back from Ian Rapoport that Wilson wasn't going anywhere.

Jay Glazer floated the possibility the end for Wilson might be near in New York, but that no longer appears to be the likely outcome.

The reports seem to indicate owner Woody Johnson and GM Joe Douglas are willing to give the former BYU star a bit more runway to see what he can do.

If the team successfully lands a veteran passer, Wilson can develop on the bench for a year or two. That will give the team more time to get an idea of what the athletic QB can be in the NFL.

Wilson finished the 2022 with awful stats - 1,688 passing yards, six passing touchdowns and seven interceptions - and clearly, something has to change. Gluing him to the bench and getting a veteran passer would likely be a step in the right direction. It sounds like that's what the Jets will attempt to do.

If Zach Wilson can sit and develop, he might have a chance to salvage his career. If he's thrown back to wolves, it could, once again, get ugly.

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