Women's Golf Tour Turns Off Replies To Tweet Touting Alleged Transgender Golfer Breanna Gill's Tourney Win

Another biological man might have just taken a trophy away from deserving women.

The WPGA Tour of Australasia — a small professional women's golf tour based in Australia — just announced Breanna Gill as the winner of the Australian Women's Classic Bonville.

"Showing nerves of steel, Breanna Gill triumphed in a playoff for her first professional win at the #AusWomensClassic!" the WPGA Tour tweeted Sunday.

The problem is Gill, by all accounts, is not actually a woman.

The replies and quote tweets all indicate Gill is a transgender athlete unfairly competing against biological women. The backlash became so intense, in fact, that the WPGA Tour turned off all replies to the tweet.

"This is a biological man, a fact not even mentioned in much of the major press coverage celebrating 'her' win over the actual women in this tournament," journalist Megyn Kelly tweeted. "It's a fraud, it's immoral, and it HAS TO STOP."

Just a couple weeks ago, trans athlete Hailey Davidson competed in a women's mini-tour in Florida. Davidson finished second in the tournament.

That's when former PGA Tour player John Peterson called out Davidson on Twitter for competing with an unfair advantage. A social media feud ensued, with Davidson defaulting to personal attacks about Peterson's children.

Women's golf is under attack.

In fact, all women's sports are under attack.

The issue of biological men competing in women't events took a national spotlight when Lia Thomas began dominating collegiate swimming. Then, there was the decision to allow men to compete in women's powerlifting. And there have been countless examples since.

It just keeps happening.

None of the news coverage of the Australian Women's Classic mentions that Gill is transgender. This is particularly concerning. It's as if the presence of biological men in women's sports has become so normalized it's not even worth mentioning.

And when actual women fight back, we get silence from the mainstream media. We get zero accountability from the leagues and from the transgender athletes themselves.

The erasure of women's sports is real. But instead of addressing the problem, it's way easier to ignore it.

Just turn off the replies — maybe no one will notice.