Former PGA Tour Player John Peterson Eviscerates Transgender Golfer Hailey Davidson In Incredible Back-And-Forth

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John Peterson is a former national champion at LSU, a former PGA Tour player, a father of four, and someone who possesses common sense. Hailey Davidson is a golfer, a biological man, and competes against women as a transgender athlete.

The two recently got into it on Twitter, and Peterson put on an absolute masterclass that needs to be brought to everyone’s attention.

It all started when Monday Q Info shared a picture of a leaderboard from a women’s mini-tour event in Florida. Bella Dovhey, a 15-year-old, won the event beating the 28-year-old Davidson by a shot.

Davidson losing to a girl who doesn’t have a driver’s license is tough enough, but Peterson brought more much-needed attention to the absurdity.

Davidson decided to mix it up with Peterson, which turned out to be a very poor decision.

After having his fun, Peterson pulled the ace out of his sleeve by sharing a picture of his family. Davidson tried, and failed, in trying to say Peterson isn’t a role model for his kids.

John Peterson is just a red-blooded American who loves his family and doesn’t believe biological men should be competing against women.

Good on ya. Mr. Peterson.

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  1. Can we please quit calling beta males with mental illness pretending to be women a woman?
    Real women should be trying to stop the sick perverted push by leftists to replace real women with freaks playing dress up.
    This needs to stop of just say goodbye to womens sports

  2. Outkick should run a reader poll to come up with a category name for tranys …. like we have “Karen” … some androgynous “what is it” name … SNL used to have a “Pat” character . Calling these hybrids women insults real women.

  3. I’ll say this for as long as it takes….”the only way this stops is when (natural) women refuse to participate against these men. Period. Thank God for Riley Gaines for finally standing up. Now, we just need others to follow

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