Female Powerlifter Is ‘Hurt, Outraged’ Having To Compete Against Biological Men

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Biological men are being allowed to compete against women in sports. While members of the blind & woke mob are celebrating transgender athletes ruining women’s sports, some of the actual athletes and those living in reality see the very obvious issue at hand.

April Hutchinson, a Canadian powerlifter, is fed up with what’s taking place in her sport. She joined ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ on Wednesday and reacted to USA Powerlifting now allowing transgender athletes to compete in female competitions.

“We’re outraged. We’re angry. We’re hurt. We’re offended. We’re basically every emotion except for happy,” April Hutchinson told Fox News Channel.

“A lot of women are silenced and feel silenced and that they have no voice, or they’re afraid to speak up in fear of maybe getting kicked out of the federation, to be called names for backlash. But, no, we’re growing stronger and louder, and the amount of support is overwhelming, actually,” Hutchinson told Carlson.

Female Powerlifter Sounds Off About Competing Against Men With Tucker Carlson

JayCee Cooper, the transgender athlete who won her case against USA powerlifting, was previously banned from competing against biological females.

Now, that will not be the case, as Cooper’s victory brings forth a mandate that the federation “cease and desist from all unfair discriminatory practices” because of sexual orientation and gender identity.

Cooper twice competed against a lone competitor — Rebecca Richnofsky — in the women’s raw 198+ open category in 2019, winning both times.

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  1. I agree with the post above. Until the females stand together and not participate in any events with men described as women, this will continue. Will actual females rise up to the challenge? We shall see.

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