Wisconsin Football Fans Finally Get A Positive QB Update

It's not all carnage and mayhem in training camp for the Wisconsin Badgers.

There have been multiple reports coming out of Madison that Graham Mertz and the passing game haven't improved nearly as much as fans have hoped for.

To put it simply, fans have more or less been told not to expect a ton of improvement out of the former highly-touted QB recruit. Now, it sounds like the offense finally got it together for at least one day in practice.

"They made more plays in the pass game on Monday than they did in any practice in the last year and a half ... They made more plays in practice on Monday than they have in the last year and a half," Zach Heilprin explained on a recent podcast.

However, the situation still isn't rock solid. He added the positives in the passing game aren't consistent and there are still "bonehead throws they would want back."

It's a bit sad we're now at the point where a single day of good practice throwing the ball is something Wisconsin fans can celebrate.

It's sad, but it's where we're at. Welcome to life as a Wisconsin football fan.

Mertz came into Madison as the highest-rated QB recruit in school history. Not since the days of Russell Wilson have fans expected more.

He lit up Illinois for five touchdowns during his first career start in 2020, and after that game, the wheels pretty much fell off.

In games against Notre Dame, Michigan and Penn State last season, Mertz threw for two touchdowns and six interceptions.

Four of those interceptions - including multiple pick sixes - came against the Fighting Irish. Fans were ready to revolt and for good reason.

Mertz eventually settled in and calmed down the stretch in 2022 and things stabilized. Was the passing game good? No, but it was stable once October rolled around.

That left fans thinking he'd take a jump this year. From all the reports out there, that hasn't happened in any significant fashion, but hearing he had his best day in the passing game in the last year and half of practice is certainly a positive sign.

The first game of the season is only 14 days away. We need Graham Mertz to figure it out. If he doesn't, Wisconsin fans better prepare for a 9-3 season and another disappointing bowl bid.

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