Vikings Got Tricked Into Putting Pornstar Tribute On Jumbotron

Someone managed to pull one over on the Minnesota Vikings by getting them to offer #SkolSalute to pornstar Johnny Sins.

The Vikings' #SkolSalute is a way of paying tribute to servicemen and women. While this is typically a great thing, someone snuck a picture of the pornstar through the Vikings' social media team.

"This is my cousin who served in the Army. He has always been an inspiration and someone I look up to for his heroism," the tweet read. "He is also a HUGE Vikes fan #skolsalute."

Does that count as stolen valor? I think that counts as stolen valor.

It Was An Easy, Unfortunate Mistake

It seems like an honest mistake on the part of whoever within the Vikings organization got tricked. I mean, he was wearing military fatigues.

If the person in charge of sifting through the tweets wasn't well-versed in the porn industry's movers and shakers, it's an easy mistake to make.

Of course, Twitter users caught it and realized that cousin Joel was none other than man-of-a-thousand-occupations, Johnny Sins.

I think there's only one way to atone for this mistake: a thorough, third-party investigation into the Minnesota Vikings' tweet vetting process.

It's no doubt a pretty funny bit of trolling, but unfortunately, it comes at the expense of a moment meant for honoring military members.

This also means that at least one very deserving person was overlooked in favor of Johnny Sins. There are plenty of other times to honor the brave men and women of the adult film industry. That was not one of them.

Oh well. Someone had themself a laugh while the Vikings' social media wound up with egg on their face.

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