Tua Hits Tyreek Hill For 51-Yard Bomb On First Snap Together And The Dolphins Are BACK

The Tua Tagovailoa-Tyreek Hill era in Miami is off to a blazing start. In a surprising move, Dolphins coach Mike McDaniel

constant topic of conversation.  Some will certainly find a problem with that throw. That's what the internet does. But I'm not sure you're gonna get much better than 51 yards in the air, folks. Sure, there are a select few who could've heaved it a bit further, but that's pretty solid work from Tua. And, by the way, that was the first live game snap Tua and Tyreek have EVER taken together. Remember, both guys sat in the opener and Tyreek didn't play last week. Not a bad start!

Tua came right back to Hill on the next play for a 13-yard pass and catch, and he finished the drive with an 8-yard touchdown pass two plays later. Decent way to start the game! By the way, Raheem Mostert - another offseason signing in Miami that runs approximately 100 mph - also made his Miami debut tonight and promptly broke off a 31-yard run. We feeling good yet, Miami? If I'm McDaniel, I'm wrapping all three guys in a bubble for the next two weeks and getting ready for New England. I've seen enough. Start drawing up the parade route. And when you say Miami, you're talking Super Bowl!    

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