The Winless Atlanta Falcons Refuse To Let Kyle Pitts Touch The Ball And Arthur Smith Doesn't Care

The Atlanta Falcons stink and for some reason head coach Arthur Smith has decided to completely shut Kyle Pitts out of the offense.

Yes. Pitts, the team's best weapon and one of the best tight ends in football, has been phased out of the game plan through the first two weeks of the season.The Pro Bowler has a grand total of four catches for 38 yards, and no scores.

Not so surprisingly, the Falcons are off to an 0-2 start, and Sunday's 31-27 loss to the Rams looks way closer on paper than it actually was.

Head coach Arthur Smith doesn't wanna hear your stupid Kyle Pitts inquiries, though!

"It’s not fantasy football," he said when asked about Pitts' lack of targets. "We’re just trying to win.

Kyle Pitts usage frustrates fantasy owners everywhere 

Ah. OK. Gotcha. Now we're on the same page!

I didn't realize you were trying to win football games without your best player by a mile ever sniffing the football. Bold move, but who are we to question it?

Smith, in Football Coach Speak 101, then accused the media of writing the team's obituary!

I'm not exactly sure where Smith believes his group should be ranked now, but, frankly, 45th may be too high.

Marcus Mariota has looked pretty pedestrian, there was virtually no running game yesterday, and Smith has apparently forgotten that Kyle Pitts exists.

His fantasy owners haven't, though!

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