Texas Governor Greg Abbott Has Had It With Brett Maher

You know your kicker is bad when your 65-year-old governor is ready to suit up for him. Especially when that governor is in a wheelchair.

Frustrated after Dallas Cowboys kicker Brett Maher missed his fifth extra point in two games, Texas Governor Greg Abbott suggested even he could do that. Maher had one blocked Sunday against San Francisco.

Well played, Governor.

But I'm sure Abbott isn't the only one who feels this way.

Earlier, OutKick reported on Maher’s bizarre pregame, which included some visualizing on the field, missing plenty of kicks, a pep talk from Jerry Jones and a kerfuffle with the 49ers.

Maher is now one-out-of-six on extra points in the playoffs.

Maher missed an incredible four extra points in the game before finally connecting on Dallas’ fifth and final touchdown. It didn’t matter, ultimately, since the Cowboys won the game 31-14.

There was plenty of chatter about replacing Maher, but the Cowboys decided to stick with him this week. Although they did sign kicker Tristan Vizcaino to the practice squad.

If the Cowboys end up in the NFC Championship, maybe they'll give Governor Abbott a call.

Honestly, he can't be much worse.