UPDATE: Cowboys Kicker Brett Maher Has First Extra Point Attempt BLOCKED

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The Dallas Cowboys have a well-documented kicking problem. And it’s not getting any better. After scoring a second-quarter touchdown against the 49ers, San Francisco blocked Brett Maher’s extra point attempt.

Honestly, the block makes it seem like it wasn’t all his fault. But, in reality, it was another terrible kick off of Maher’s right foot.

Earlier, OutKick reported on Maher’s bizarre pregame, which included some visualizing on the field, missing plenty of kicks, a pep talk from Jerry Jones and a kerfuffle with the 49ers.

Maher is now one-out-of-six on extra points in the playoffs. Yikes.

PREVIOUS POST: One of the biggest storylines in the Dallas Cowboys thumping of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the Wild Card Round was the performance of Cowboys kicker Brett Maher.

Maher missed an incredible four extra points in the game before finally connecting on Dallas’ fifth and final touchdown. It didn’t matter, ultimately, since the Cowboys won the game 31-14. Unless you bet on the Over, of course.

Brett Maher of the Dallas Cowboys reacts after missing an extra point against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
Brett Maher of the Dallas Cowboys reacts after missing an extra point against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. (Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images)

There was plenty of chatter about replacing Maher, but the Cowboys decided to stick with him this week. Though, they signed kicker Tristan Vizcaino to the practice squad.

Now, prior to kickoff, we’re getting updates on the Maher situation. It’s never good when reporters are sending out pregame updates on the kicker.

And the updates aren’t great, either.

Shaky in warmups? Uh oh. Apparently Maher is concerned, too. He’s been on the field for hours.

And the San Francisco 49ers know he’s prone to mind games. So they played a couple with him.

Even Cowboys owner Jerry Jones seems a little worried about his placekicker.

Cowboys players have reportedly been supportive of Maher, despite the terrible performance

“We’ve got trust in him,” running back Ezekiel Elliott said Thursday after practice. “We’ve got faith in him. That’s our brother and we’re not going to turn our back on him. Last week we ain’t really need him. But this week we probably will.”

Again, if an NFL game storyline includes a kicker, that’s usually bad news. When it comes from pregame warmups, it’s universally bad news.

When someone asks “how did the kicker do in warmups” the proper response should be “I have no idea, why would I be watching that?”

Good luck, Brett. You’re gonna need it.

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