South Carolina Player Makes Troubling Claim About The Coaching

South Carolina player Josh Vann isn't overly excited about some of the plays being called during games.

The Gamecocks are 1-2 after suffering losses to Arkansas and Georgia. Shane Beamer's team lost the latter game 48-7 in a blowout the team won't forget soon.

Apparently, one of the problems is OC Marcus Satterfield is dialing up plays the team doesn't have much practice with.

"Not to bash the coaches or nothing like that, but you know, it was like third down, and we called a play we hadn't went over in three weeks. Mind you as a player, you need to know the whole playbook so whenever something gets thrown over to you, you can know what it is and go out there and execute and line up. At the same time, we hadn't went over it. You can't expect someone in the heat of the moment to recognize what to do," Vann explained while speaking on a podcast with teammate Darius Rush.

This is a bad look for South Carolina.

Whether or not Vann is correct, this podcast exchange is definitely not what Shane Beamer wants to see from his team.

The Gamecocks look horrible, got dismantled in back-to-back conference games and now, a senior player on the team is openly questioning the play-calling.

Vann isn't just questioning South Carolina's coaches, he's claiming they essentially are walking players into a buzzsaw.

Yes, he admitted it's on the players to know the whole playbook, but we all know guys are generally more confident with what they practice.

In this case, it sounds like the Gamecocks set the players up on the field for failure.

Furthermore, disagreements need to be handled behind closed doors. You don't air your dirty laundry publicly. Button it up privately if there's an issue.

Don't air it out for the whole country to see. That's a great way to sow division.

Beamer needs to get a tent over this circus. Things will only get worse if he doesn't.