Shannon Sharpe Destroys Ja Morant Over Alleged Pacers Altercation

Shannon Sharpe has had enough of Ja Morant's alleged antics.

The Memphis Grizzlies star is accused of being in a vehicle with his entourage that confronted members of the Indiana Pacers after a game.

Someone in the vehicle carrying the NBA guard flashed a laser optic believed to potentially be attached to a weapon.

The NBA determined some kind of altercation did occur, but Morant has denied he did anything wrong. He tweeted Sunday that the investigation proved "they were cappin."

Shannon Sharpe unloads on Ja Morant.

Shannon Sharpe has seen and heard enough to know he's done with Morant and his decisions. The former NFL star tore Morant apart for trying to act like a gangster and convince people he's a hard dude.

"I wish Ja would realize that he’s not a thug. Ja is a really good basketball player ... Bruh, you not hard. That’s not your life. People in that life would give anything to be in your life. For some reason you’ve got a $200 million contract and you want people in the NBA to think you hood, to think you gangster because you roll with these type of people. Bruh, you're putting yourself in harm's way when you don't have to. Nobody looks at you, Ja, and thinks you're hood," Sharpe passionately explained Monday morning on "Undisputed."

Sharpe is 100% correct.

Major credit to Shannon Sharpe for saying what a lot of people are thinking. While Sharpe sometimes has unhinged takes, he's 100% correct on this.

Who the hell is Ja Morant surrounding himself with? If you ever find yourself allegedly in a vehicle with someone flashing a laser that may or may not be attached to a weapon, you need to find better friends.

Any rational person could see a laser on them and think it's attached to a weapon. Nobody would blame a cop who fired at someone doing something so unbelievably stupid.

Morant's extension kicks in starting next season, and it's worth $194.3 million over five years. Is he really willing to throw that kind of money away because he wants people to think he's a "thug" like Shannon Sharpe said? If so, he's a grade-A idiot.

Someone on the Grizzlies needs to sit Ja Morant down and make it clear what he has to lose if he surrounds himself with bad influences. Clearly, he doesn't appear to get it at all.

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