Saquon Barkley Makes Good On Promise To 'F*ck Everbody'

Giants running back Saquon Barkley spent the offseason living by the mantra "f*ck everybody."

And after one week, he did just that - but not literally.

Less than a month after telling the 2nd Wind podcast: "...It’s a kill mindset. Now it’s like, you know what? F*ck everybody. I’m ready to go crazy, ”- Barkley played his way to NFC Offensive Player of the Week honors.

Barkley found a willing slump buster in the Titans defense. Tennessee allowed Barkley to gain 164 yards on just 18 carries. That's an average of more than 9 yards per rush. He added six receptions and scored both a touchdown and 2-point conversion.

Barkley Hasn't Played A Full Season Since His Rookie Year

Saquon's had his eye on this season as a bounce back, almost from the time the 2021-22 campaign ended. After winning Rookie of the Year (2018), he's been injured in each of his last three seasons. Rarely does the "bust" label not accompany his name.

To that, Barkley (likely) again says: "f*ck everybody." The 26-year-old proved that he's back (at least for one week) when he broke off a 68-yard third quarter run that saw him clock in at 21.1 mph - the second fastest a player ran on Sunday (per the NFL's NextGenStats).

Side note - have you ever seen anyone at a football game with a radar gun?

Didn't think so.

Barkley And The Giants Host Carolina On Sunday

Maybe we should've seen this coming. In August, Barkley told the 2nd Wind pod: “Do I feel like I’m back? I feel like I’m better, to be completely honest."

It sure looks that way.

And opposing defenses should take note, unless they want to get f*cked like the Titans.

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