Rory McIlroy Sounds Off About Feud Between LIV Golf And PGA Tour: 'Way Out Of Control'

Once LIV Golf officially arrived on the scene earlier this year everyone in the golf world knew we were in store for a battle between the Saudi-backed circuit and the PGA Tour. Trading blows was expected, but the feud has gotten "out of control" according to Rory McIlroy.

McIlroy, who recently became World No. 1 again, took part in an interview with The Guardian and shared his prediction for where things are headed.

In his opinion, things will become "irreparable" sooner rather than later.

"This 'us vs. them' thing has gotten way out of control already," McIlroy said.

"If the two entities keep doubling down in both directions, it is only going to become irreparable. We are going to have a fractured sport for a long time. That is no good for anyone."

These comments are significant from Rory, not only because he's the No. 1 player in the world, but also because he's criticizing more than just LIV Golf. McIlroy has become the unofficial spokesperson of the PGA Tour over the last year, so him saying both sides need to stop the 'us vs. them' thing is noteworthy.

Rory McIlroy Understands LIV, PGA Tour Need To Work Together

McIlroy has been on record multiple times saying the PGA Tour and LIV Golf need to try and find a way to work together.

“I’ve always said I think there is a time and a place where everyone that’s involved here should sit down and try to work together. It’s very hard for that to happen right now when there’s two lawsuits going on,” McIlroy explained last month.

“And I think, as well, there’s a natural timeline here to let temperatures just sort of settle down a little bit and people can maybe go into those mediations with cooler heads and not be so emotional about it all.”

McIlroy is right in his assessment. With both sides throwing haymakers, and the DOJ even getting involved, it seems like there is only one real outcome here. And that outcome is an even more fractured golf world than what we already have.

Sitting around a table and singing Kumbaya together is easier said than done, however.


The PGA Tour is a business just like LIV Golf is a business. Hundreds of millions of dollars are in play here. And when you add huge egos from executives and commissioners it seems impossible that the two sides will come to some sort of agreement.

In a perfect world, LIV and the PGA Tour could come to an agreement and grow the game while also deepening their pockets. We don't live in a perfect world, however, and one party will always find a negative of the other.

From day one it has felt like this all gets settled in a court of law and that's exactly the path we're on.

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