Rob Gronkowski Donates To Damar Hamlin Fund In Most Gronk-Way Possible

Rob Gronkowski is a charitable guy, but he's also very much Rob Gronkowski. Sometimes his charitability and his Gronk-ness become intertwined.

This is one of those times.

The sports world and beyond leaped into action to help Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin's community toy drive after he collapsed on the field last week during Monday Night Football. Fans discovered that he had started the toy drive several years earlier, and donated to it in droves.

Within hours of the incident, the GoFundMe page Hamlin had started for his toy drive had blown right past its original $2,500 goal, and had raised millions of dollars.

Some of those donations came from current and former NFL players. One of them was Rob Gronkowski.

Or should we say "Robert Gronkowski," who donated a very on-brand 6,900 dollars to Hamlin's toy drive.


The man can't help himself. Few people have had so much love for a number as Gronk does for 69.

Last month, Gronkowski revealed that a couple of NFL teams tried to get him to come out of retirement after he sent a tweet saying that he was bored. One of those teams went the extra mile and told the future hall-of-fame tight end if he signed with them, jersey No. 69 was his.

They even sent him a photoshopped mock-up of him in the jersey to drive the point home.

“If I come back, I could be number 69 and check in eligible every play where the referee would have to go over the microphone and say, ‘Number 69 is eligible,’ every single play,” Gronkowski told FanDuel TV's Kay Adams.

“That almost got me to go back to football.”

At least his Gronk uses his love of the sexually-charged two-digit number for good these days.

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