Ravens Marlon Humphrey Was All-In On Liver King

The world is still reeling from the news that Brian Johnson, better known as Liver King, was using steroids to attain his unattainable physique.

One person who took the liver-eating snake oil salesman at his word is Marlon Humphrey.

The Ravens cornerback hopped on Twitter to reveal he messaged Liver King and had even adhered to his liver-centric diet.

People were so upset that Liver King would use steroids because he had misguided so many people concerning health and fitness. It doesn't seem like too many would have thought an NFL player would have been one of those people, but here we are.

At least it sounds like Humphrey stuck to liver, and didn't go for some of the more "exotic" foods in the Liver King diet plan.

In retrospect, you never want to have to believe in your diet. It should just work or it shouldn't. Believing is for stuff like Sasquatch and Platform 9 3/4.

Still, the two-time Pro Bowler bought what Liver King was selling hook, line, and sinker.

At least, there are no rules against crushing liver and bull testicles or whatever in the NFL's Performance Enhancing Drug policy.

As for the real key to the social media star's shredded physique, that's definitely no-no.

Humphrey will be in action on Sunday against the Broncos despite tweaking his ankle last week against the Jags.

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