Petition To Fire Iowa OC Gains Serious Momentum

Iowa fans seem to have had enough of offensive coordinator Brian Ferentz.

The Hawkeyes are 3-3 and averaging just 14.7 points a game. Against FBS teams with a winning record, the Hawkeyes are averaging 10 points a game.

The offense is broken for Kirk Ferentz's team, and while he doesn't think his son is doing a bad job, fans have thrown in the towel.

An old petition to get rid of Brian Ferentz has, once again, managed to catch fire. As of Monday morning, the petition now has 6,145 signatures to dump the Iowa OC.

The description on the petition reads as follows:

Each year, Iowa fans have to experience a top tier defense that is hindered by an offense that can’t hold up its end of the bargain. Brian Ferentz calls an offense that is predictable, old, and not exciting. This pain has gone on too long for Iowa fans and it’s time for a change. We love the Iowa Hawkeyes and want the best for the long term outlook of this team. The fans deserve better and so does Phil Parker. Help us create change that might lead to a play action pass every once in awhile that actually gets the Hawkeyes first downs.

Iowa has a horrible offense.

The fact this petition was started last season and caught fire again after losing 9-6 to Illinois is nothing short of hilarious.

It goes to show that while it's a new season in Iowa City, not much has changed at all on the offensive side of the ball and fans are fed up.

On the season, quarterback Spencer Petras has thrown for just 940 yards, two touchdowns and three interceptions through six games. The leading receiver is tight end Sam LaPorta with 278 yards. Things aren't much better on the ground. The Hawkeyes are averaging just 82.1 rushing yards a game and 2.6 yards a carry. It's a comically bad situation on offense.

The petition might not be enough to force a change, but it's crystal clear Iowa fans have had enough of Brian Ferentz and the offense. The defense is like a machine gun and the offense is a water gun. That's never a good combination.

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