Pat Perez Praises PGA Tour, Bashes LIV Golf In Resurfaced Interview Shortly Before Jumping To The Saudi Circuit

Pat Perez has fully indulged in the LIV Golf Kool-aid, which is easy to do when you're offered a reported $10 million contract, but that wasn't exactly the case just a few months ago.

While Perez has recently taken shots at the PGA Tour and even Tiger Woods, a resurfaced interview puts things into an interesting perspective.


Perez officially joined LIV Golf in June and raked in over $8 million thanks to Dustin Johnson carrying him and his 4 Aces teammates throughout the inaugural season.

It's safe to say that Perez doesn't regret leaving the PGA Tour for the Saudi-backed circuit, but comments he made in February praising the Tour and bashing LIV put somewhat of a timestamp as to when the Saudis made an offer he couldn't refuse.

Perez used the word 'phenomenal' not once, but twice, while speaking at the Genesis Invitational about how great the PGA Tour is.

"Our purses are going up. Jay Monahan's done a phenomenal job getting our purses to go up. Jay and the Tour, from what I understand, is doing a phenomenal job," Perez explained four months before signing with LIV Golf.

He also went on to call out LIV and its marketing jargon about growing the game around the world.

"They talk about growing the game. I don't see how that group over there is growing the game," Perez said. "The Tour has done phenomenal things. They do phenomenal things for the communities that we go to. They have programs for the underprivileged now. That's how you grow the game."

The real full-circle moment from the February interview came when Perez talked about how he would be following Woods' lead when it comes to the controversial situation at hand.

Well, that mindset certainly changed seeing as how Perez called out Tiger for being a hypocrite just last month describing Woods' comments about LIV Golf as "the stupidest sh-t I have ever heard in my life."

The conclusion of this story in which Perez went from being a PGA Tour homer to a PGA Tour hater is that money talks. Money always talks.

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