Online Petition For Kelce Mom To Do The Super Bowl Coin Flip

Thousands of fans have signed a petition to have Donna Kelce — mother of both Jason and Travis Kelce — flip the coin at Super Bowl LVII.

A petition has been started to make it happen, and it's racking up support. The petition is about two-thirds of the way to its goal of 15,000 signatures.

"This is for Donna Kelce, mother of Jason and Travis Kelce," it reads under a photo of Mrs. Kelce. "Her sons are going to play each other in the Super Bowl in 2 weeks. I would like to see her wear this split jersey she had made when she flips the coin to start the game."

The split jersey is pretty sweet. There's no doubt we'll see it during the broadcast (a lot) and in the time leading up to kickoff.

Perhaps, now we'll see that work of jersey art at midfield in Scottsdale too.

It's A Good Idea But Sounds Unlikely

Of course, people seem to forget that petitions like this don't really carry any weight. It's not like the NFL has to issue an official response if they hit a certain number of John Hancocks. They're not the White House.

Still, it would be cool since we've never seen two brothers square off against each other in the Super Bowl. Which, is kind of wild. Who would've thought we'd see two brothers coaching (Harbaugh) against each other in a Super Bowl before two brothers played on opposite teams?

This means that having Donna Kelce flip the coin wouldn't be a crazy idea at all, and the NFL has tried crazy ideas for the Super Bowl coin toss before.

They've done the coin toss from space, from the aforementioned White House, and even had Joe Namath prematurely flip a coin while wearing an absurdly huge fur coat.

However, unless the NFL changes course in a hurry, it won't be happening.

On Thursday the league announced that they will honor former Arizona Cardinal Pat Tillman during the coin toss. Four Pat Tillman Foundation Tillman Scholars will serve as honorary captains for both the Chiefs and Eagles during the coin toss ceremony.

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