One Panthers QB Is Reportedly Pulling Away To Win The Starting Job

It sounds like Baker Mayfield is separating himself in the QB battle for the Panthers.

Mayfield was acquired from the Browns to compete with Darnold for the QB1 role, and it sounds like he's going to secure the job.

"It has been pretty clear, though the reps have been pretty equal, it's clear it's Baker Mayfield's job to lose in Carolina," Ian Rapoport reported Monday morning.

Mike Garafolo added that it's Mayfield's ability to generate big plays that's causing the separation, despite the fact Darnold is probably more consistent.

It's been widely-believed ever since the Browns traded Mayfield to the Panthers that he would win the starting QB job.

After all, it doesn't make sense to bring Mayfield in and then glue him to the bench. The Panthers want to give him every chance possible to win the job.

The biggest question is how much freedom Mayfield will have if he is the starting QB. Will Matt Rhule have him on a short leash or is he entrenched as the starting quarterback no matter what?

With Darnold right behind him and Rhule coaching to keep his job, it only makes sense the leash might be very short!

It should be interesting to see when an official announcement is made. For now, it sounds like Mayfield is in control.

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