Baker Mayfield’s Wife Says The Two Have ‘No Ill Will’ Toward Cleveland

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If anyone would have ill will toward the Cleveland Browns you would think that Baker Mayfield would. The way his time with the franchise came to an end wasn’t ideal to say the least.

According to his wife Emily, that’s not the case. She revealed that during an “ask me anything” on Instagram on Wednesday as she hid out and recovered from laser treatment.

During the session, a Browns fan let her know that the Mayfields still have a lot of fans in Cleveland. The fan added that they “hated how this all played out.” Referencing of course how things were handled by the Browns leading up to Baker’s eventual trade to the Panthers.

Emily responded, “End of the day, it’s a business! Baker and I are so thankful for our 4 years there! No ill will on our end!”

Emily Mayfield/Instagram

The Mayfields are taking the high road

The way the Deshaun Watson situation is playing out and how messy that’s become for the Browns might make taking the high road a little easier.

Mayfield is competing for a starting job in Carolina while Watson and the Browns prepare for a battle with the NFL over his suspension for multiple sexual assault allegations.

Despite having to learn a new playbook and compete for a starting job after being the face of a franchise, I would much rather be in Carolina.

That could change at some point. But I doubt it will this season, Cleveland is an absolute mess.

It wouldn’t be a great look for Baker if he didn’t beat Sam Darnold for the starting job. Then had to travel back to Cleveland holding a clipboard Week 1. But it still beats being suspended.

Written by Sean Joseph

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