O.J. Simpson Offers Blunt Reaction To Deshaun Watson's Suspension

O.J. Simpson thinks the football world needs to move past Deshaun Watson's suspension.

The Cleveland Browns quarterback was hit with a six game suspension by NFL disciplinary officer Sue L. Robinson after he faced dozens of allegations of sexual misconduct.

The suspension has been a hot topic as fans and pundits debate if it's a fair punishment, but Simpson thinks everyone needs to just move onto the next thing!

"She looked at it. She came out with a decision. Hey, man, that's it! That should be it," the former Bills player told fans Monday morning after the suspension was announced.

The legendary Buffalo Bills running back further added, "People are saying, 'Why would he settle if he was innocent?' Hey, look guys, he's not going to change anyone's mind no matter what he does. He can't change my mind. I think he was probably out of line with some of the girls, and I think some of the girls jumped onboard because there was a chance of making money."

Always great to hear from The Juice on the most important topics of the day! Deshaun Watson allegedly behaved in inappropriate fashion with dozens of women, will now miss six games unless something changes and Simpson wants everyone to just move on!

I don't think he's going to be happy to find out that's not going to happen!

The Watson story will continue to dominate the headlines until he's back on the field for good. It will dominate training camp talk, preseason talk and every game he misses.

Watson's suspension is the hottest story in sports, and nothing will change that. Simpson, who was acquitted in the most famous murder trail of the past 40 years, isn't going to change that.

It's just not going to happen! Everyone has a take and the opinions will continue to flow!