Nick Bosa Envisions 49ers Defense As NFL’s Best

San Francisco 49ers defensive end Nick Bosa thinks that he is part of the best defense in the league and that sky is the limit for the Niners.

Bosa's statement comes just after the Niners' big Monday night win over their division rivals and reigning Super Bowl champion Los Angeles Rams.

"I think it's best in the league," Nick Bosa said after the game. "That's kind of our mindset every year, and this year we have the personnel to do it. Not that we haven't in the past, but just all three levels are elite players."

That's a big claim, but so far, Bosa may have an argument. Especially taking into account the 24-9 win over the Rams.

Managing to keep the Rams out of the endzone and making kicker Matt Gay handle all the scoring is sure to turn some heads.

The 49ers defense ranks in the top-third of the league in just about every defensive category. They've also allowed the fewest total yards and fewest passing yards of any defense.

Niners on the other side of the ball have also picked up on the defense's successes. Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo mentioned that the unit's strong play has taken some pressure off of him and the offense.

"There was honestly a point, I think it was 14-9, and it's not that we relaxed on offense -- but you feel confident in the guys on defense," Garoppolo said. "Those guys, I don't watch much of it, but the couple plays I do see, it's hell for the quarterback.

"I love having them on my side, hate going against them in practice, but it makes us better so it's a good group over there. They're tough."

So, Nick Bosa is definitely on to something and everyone is starting to take notice too.

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