NFL Eyeballing Spain, France For Next Set Of International Games

The NFL is looking to expand into Spain and France.

The move comes just days after Germany hosted its first ever NFL game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Seattle Seahawks.

According to Brett Gosper, NFL Head of UK and Europe, the growth of football into other European countries, "is very much on our radar."

“We need to do our homework to make sure that there is the possibility of a place to land any games in those markets ... gauge interest of the host city, even the government, as to their enthusiasm to help us bring a game,” Gosper said.


There are five international games this season. Three were in London, one was the Germany game, and Mexico City will host the Cardinals-49ers on Nov. 21.

While speaking at a German fan event this past weekend, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell announced that Germany would host "at least four" regular season games in Germany through 2025.

The Bucs defeated the Seahawks 21-16 at Munich, Germany's Allianz Stadium in front of nearly 70,000 fans. The game led to this viral moment where fans began singing, "Take Me Home, Country Roads."

In Spain, Santiago Bernabéu Stadium is currently undergoing renovations that would allow the soccer pitch to also become an artificial turf football field. Currently, Real Madrid plays their games there. The new stadium will hold over 80,000 fans.

In addition to the announced European countries, Gosper hinted that Nordic markets such as Sweden could be next.

London, England has hosted 31 NFL games since 2007. While Toronto has had 6 and Mexico City has had 4.

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