Nate Burleson Goes Nuts After Son's Electrifying Dunk, Pumps His Tires On National Television

Former NFL player turned broadcaster Nate Burleson took some time to do what a lot of parents like to do: brag about their kids' athletic accomplishments.

The big difference was most parents don't have a national television platform like CBS Mornings on which to do it.

Nate Burleson does and he's using it to give a New Jersey high school hoops update.

He took a moment on Wednesday's shows to pump his kid's tires after their high school team — the Ramapo Raiders — earned an upset win.

And for good reason, wait until you see Nathaniel II's absolute posterization of a kid from Bergen Catholic.

"Don't be fooled by the suits, I'm a passionate father. I get excited," Burleson explained.

Yeah, no kidding, dude. Careful you don't blow that voice out. It's the moneymaker these days.

Although, I don't know that there's a dad alive who wouldn't flip out like Burleson did if his kid threw down a dunk like that.

Speaking of which, the former Viking, Seahawk, Lion, and Brown posted a reverse angle to his Instagram.

There's no doubt that there are some athletic genes coursing through the Burleson kids, but not just from their old man's side.

"I can't take all the credit though," Burleson said. "My wife Latoya was hurdle champion in college, so maybe they get all of their skills from her."

Well, they probably get the hops from herm that's for sure.

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