LIV Golf Not Receiving World Ranking Points This Week After Thinking It Found A Loophole

LIV Golf was hopeful, maybe even expecting, to have its players receive Offical World Golf Ranking (OWGR) points from this week's event in Bangkok. The Saudi-backed circuit thought that it had found a loophole to earn points. But, the OWGR has officially slammed the door shut.

A report earlier this week explained that LIV Golf structured a "strategic alliance" with the Dubai-based MENA Tour. The MENA Tour is a member of the OWGR system. The reported alliance was expected to see this tour give LIV Golf access to ranking points this week.

The OWGR has responded by saying that it had an "insufficient notice" and that "changes given by the MENA Tour is insufficient to allow OWGR to conduct the customary necessary review ahead of the LIV Golf Invitational Bangkok" as well as next week's LIV event in Jeddah.

In summary, LIV Golf will continue to play the waiting game on whether or not its players will receive OWGR points in the future.

LIV applied for inclusion with the OWGR in July of this year.


LIV CEO Greg Norman wrote a letter to all LIV golfers explaining that the breakaway circuit being awarded OWGR point is “necessary for the integrity, accuracy and fairness of the rankings to be upheld.”

There are eight members of the OWGR board of governors that will either approve or deny LIV Golf’s application for world ranking points. Each of the eight members on the board, which includes PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan, hasn’t exactly promoted the Saudi-backed tour since its arrival into the golf world.

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