LIV Golf To Receive World Ranking Points With Unique Loophole: Report

LIV Golf will host its sixth event of the season in Bangkok this week. And the Saudi-backed circuit is expecting players in the field to receive world ranking points.

According to The Telegraph, LIV has structured a “strategic alliance” with the Dubai-based MENA Tour. The MENA Tour is a member of the Official World Golf Ranking (OWGR) system. So, this reported alliance is expected to see this tour give LIV Golf access to ranking points.


This newly brokered deal will reportedly result in LIV golfers having access to compete on the MENA Tour as well.

Funny enough, it was none other than Brooks Koepka’s wife, Jena Sims, who seemingly announced the news to the golf world. Sims posted a congratulatory video on her Instagram story.

Instagram/Jena Sims

The LIV Golf Circuit Is In Bangkok This Weekend

LIV Golf is hopeful that it will be awarded OWGR points for all events moving forward. But, LIV is still awaiting that decision. The league applied for inclusion in July of this year.

LIV CEO Greg Norman wrote a letter to all LIV golfers explaining that the breakaway circuit being awarded OWGR point is “necessary for the integrity, accuracy and fairness of the rankings to be upheld.”

There are eight members of the OWGR board of governors that will either approve or deny LIV Golf’s application for world ranking points. Each of the eight members on the board, which includes PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan, hasn’t exactly promoted the Saudi-backed tour since its arrival into the golf world.

LIV golfers themselves have gotten involved in urging the OWGR board to award LIV events world ranking points. Last month, 50 LIV golfers signed a letter addressed to chairman Peter Dawson urging the board to come to what they see as the right decision and award the tour points.

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  1. If OWGR makes a decision based on pettiness, they delegitimize themselves as an objective authority in the sport. It’s extremely obvious that the quality of the play at LIV is superior to that of nearly any other tour in the world. Pettiness is a dumb reason to ignore that.

    • Not sure how you can say that LIV is superior golf. It’s full of has beens (except for Smith) and a few who won one tournament. Smith is the only one in the top ten in OWGR. Niemann and Ancer won a couple tournaments after how many years? the rest, their best years are behind them. if they are so great, play 72 holes in order and have a cut.

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