Kurt Warner Says Baker Mayfield 'Found The Right Place' With Rams

Baker Mayfield has only started a handful of games under center for the Los Angeles Rams. Still, that's enough for Kurt Warner to see that Baker Mayfield may finally be in the right spot.

In a recent YouTube video in which he breaks down film, Warner said that the key for Mayfield is finding a system that plays to his strengths as a quarterback.

"It’s about finding the right place,” the Super Bowl XXIV champ said in the video. “He bounces around to a couple of places and it’s not a right fit.

"He’s found himself in a place that plays to his strengths. Even though he has only been there a short period of time, what they do makes it easier for a quarterback like Baker Mayfield."

Mayfield Works Best When He Doesn't Have To Think According To Warner

Warner said that the key is how the Rams tend to run plays that give the quarterback the ability to make a quick read and fire off a pass.

"Get the ball out, and that's who Baker is," he explained. "When he knows where he wants to throw the football he can make big-time throws. Where I think he's had some trouble in the past is when they play drop-back. They're asking him to see the whole field, and he's unsure of exactly where he wants to go. That makes him tentative and that led to a lot of the bad decisions over the years."

According to Warner, Mayfield thrives when the decision-making process is practically laid out for the quarterback. If one option isn't available you move on to the next one in the predetermined progression.

Since arriving in Los Angeles, Mayfield has seen a jump in quarterback rating. It's surged from 74.4 through 7 games with the Carolina Panthers to 95.2 with the Rams.

However, that hasn't helped the Rams in the win column. The reigning Super Bowl champs are just 1-2 with Mayfield as a starter.

This weekend they face the Seahawks who are hoping to make the postseason with a win and some help from the Detroit Lions

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