Jerry Jones Reveals If The Cowboys Will Sign Antonio Brown

The Dallas Cowboys have zero interest in bringing in Antonio Brown.

The former Buccaneers and Steelers receiver made some waves when he claimed he wanted Jerry Jones and the Cowboys to reach out to sign him.

After his disastrous end with the Bucs, most people have viewed his NFL career as officially over, but Brown thinks he could help the Cowboys.

Well, it's a hard pass from Dallas!

"We're good, but we want to give these young guys a real chance to make this team," Jones said when asked if the Cowboys would give AB a look, in a video shared by TMZ.

You can't blame Jerry Jones for not having any interest in Brown. There's no reason to believe AB is anything more than a distraction and a cancer in the locker room.

Tom Brady went out of his way to get AB to join him in Tampa, and how did the former NFL receiver repay him?

He quit during a game last season against the Jets, and even recently took a shot at Brady for literally no reason at all.

Is that the kind of guy you want in a foxhole with you?

Antonio Brown better hope his rap career works out because his days playing football are almost certainly over. Jerry Jones showed zero hesitation before shutting down the idea of AB ever playing in Dallas!

I think that just about says it all!

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