Jake Paul's Next Fight Will Be Against Another MMA Legend: REPORT

Jake Paul will reportedly fight Anderson Silva in late October.

Paul has been looking for a new opponent after scheduled fights against Tommy Fury and Hasim Rahman Jr. ended up falling apart.

Now, the social media star turned boxer will fight the former MMA superstar October 29, according to Insider.

Silva is just the latest MMA fighter Jake Paul will step into the ring against. He previously lit up Ben Askren and beat Tyron Woodley in both of his fights against him.

Paul is 3-0 in boxing matches against former MMA fighters, and two of the bouts - Askren and the second Woodley fight - weren't particularly close.

Jake Paul will now reportedly strap on the gloves against a former UFC star with an MMA record of 34-11. Silva is also 3-1 in boxing matches with a 2021 win over Tito Ortiz.

However, in classic Paul fashion, Silva hasn't beaten an elite fighter at the top of their game in years. Since 2013, Anderson Silva has a single UFC win and it came in 2017 against Derek Brunson.

It's been a very long time since he was at the top of his game or since he's fought an elite fighter in their prime.

One of the big criticisms of Paul is he chooses older opponents who aren't near the top. Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley were both far over the hell when Paul beat them.

While Silva is certainly capable of putting on a show, he also hasn't been elite for several years.

However, that shouldn't stop people tuning in. No matter who Paul fights, people pay attention. Will Silva finally be the man to put him down? Fans will find out October 29.

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