Jake Paul Reveals If He Wants To Fight Mike Tyson

Jake Paul wants a piece of Mike Tyson.

Social media star turned boxer is slated to fight Anderson Silva at the end of October, and he might already have his sights set on a matchup against the legendary fighter.

"Mike Tyson. That would be crazy, yeah. And I have so much respect for him. He’s another one of my idols. And I think he said he wanted to do the fight. Mike, where you at, bro? Let’s make it happen," Paul responded when asked who he wants to fight, according to The Mirror.

Will Mike Tyson's health potentially impact a potential Jake Paul fight.

It's worth noting that Tyson has some health issues plaguing him. He revealed during an interview on NewsMax that he's battling sciatica, and struggles with flare ups. Sciatica is pain related to the sciatic nerve in the lower body.

So, it's unclear whether or not Tyson is even in shape to fight in an exhibition match or any other kind of event.

However, if Tyson is up for a fight, Paul will be more than happy to oblige him.

Would Paul be able to beat Tyson? Seeing as how he's more than 30 years younger, he damn sure better be able to. If Jake Paul can't beat a 56-year-old Mike Tyson as he struggles with health issues, he should never fight again.

It will be interesting to see if the fight ever comes together, but I would definitely expect Paul to be a substantial favorite.

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