Hockey Announcer Has An Unfortunate On-Air Gaffe

Television hockey broadcaster Tripp Tracy had quite the mispronunciation during last night's Carolina Hurricanes - Washington Capitals game.


The former professional hockey goaltender turned Hurricanes Bally Sports South announcer was speaking with broadcast partner Mike Maniscalco when the unfortunate gaffe happened.

Tracy realizes his flub and looks MORTIFIED after he said it before kind of smirking afterwards and continuing to roll. That's the best thing to do. When making a mistake, it's kind of like tripping on a sidewalk in front of everyone. You just have to keep pushing forward and act as if nothing happened.

Anyone who is in the broadcast industry understands that slip-ups are only a second away at any given time while on the air. Fortunately this was just a fun mess up that will go viral as a "haha" moment and nothing more.

From Dan Orlovsky allegedly farting on air, to Phillies broadcaster Ruben Amaro Jr. talking about wood while describing a bat, mistakes are going to happen.

Years ago, unless someone saw it live no one would even have given a second glance at Tripp's mess up. However with social media these days, you can be sure he is Googling himself today and reading articles just like this.

Hopefully his family had some fun with him to and left out some Reese's Pieces when he returned home last night!

The Hurricanes would defeat the Capitals in an overtime shoot out 3-2.

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