Dan Orlovsky Appeared To Fart On Air

The Titans weren’t the only things that stunk Monday night in Buffalo. Ahead of the Titans-Bills game, ESPN announcer Dan Orlovsky appeared to fart on air.

On a night when the NFL broadcasted a pair of Monday Night Football games (Minnesota vs. Philadelphia was the other), Orlovsky also decided to double the fun. He first sneezed on-air, which apparently got things moving, then he promptly fired off a missile. Not exactly a winning combination.

Someone should’ve told Orlovsky that Bills Mafia breaks tables, not wind.

Listen for yourselves in the tweet below.


Orlovsky was attempting to discuss Buffalo’s new offense when his body decided to turn into a sound board. And just like that, Monday Night Football had its first fumble before either of the two games kicked off.

Fart Gate Has (Apparently) Been Confirmed

Hours after Stefon Diggs carved up Tennessee’s Swiss cheese secondary, Orlovsky seemingly admitted to cutting some cheese of his own.

“Shoulda never tried to (sic) blue cheese…,” tweeted Orlovsky, just prior to 2 am.

After being a part of ESPN’s regular NFL programming, Orlovsky’s in his first season calling games. Prior to entering the world of sports media, he spent 12 seasons in the NFL as a quarterback. Before Monday’s broadcast booth blast, he was arguably best known for another mishap.

While quarterbacking the Lions in 2008, Orlovsky mistakenly ran out of the end zone in an effort to avoid a sack. Instead, the play resulted in a safety.

Dan Orlovsky as Lions QB.

From brain fart to booth fart.

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Written by Anthony Farris

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