Former Cardinals GM Admits Kyler Murray Needs To Improve Film Study, Attention To Detail

Alright, so maybe there was something to that "homework clause" the Arizona Cardinals tried to give Kyler Murray last summer.

Former Cardinals GM Steve Keim is the guy who drafted Murray first overall in the 2019 NFL Draft. Keim also was behind Murray's offseason extension that included the controversial clause that left talking heads spitting venom at the idea that the team would expect Murray to study game materials on his own for four hours a week.

Four. Like more than three, but less than 5.

Last month, former Cardinals right tackle Kelvin Beachum said that Murray needs to "grow up a little bit."

Keim appeared on the podcast Green Light with Chris Long and echoed Beachum's take.

“He still needs to grow," Keim said, before adding that Beachum's comments were not an indictment of Murray's behavior or character, but instead of his work ethic.

“He’s not a bad guy. He’s a good kid, has a good smile, has a nice way about him. I think it’s like anything: Guys have to continue to learn what it’s going to take to be great. Does he know what Tom Brady and Peyton Manning know of what it takes to be great? No."

Keim Said Murray Still Has Room For Improvement And That His Best Days Are Ahead Of Him

According to, it was specifically — get this — studying film and paying attention to detail that Keim said Murray could improve upon.

If only someone had tried to get him to focus on these things!

“Does he work? He does work. I think it’s just that side of the game, the film study, the attention to detail part that he can continue to improve upon. And I think he will. Kyler’s a proud guy, man. He doesn’t want to lose and he doesn’t want to let people down.”

I never got the anger behind what the Cardinals did. They weren't even asking Murray to go the extra mile, they were asking him to the extra couple of yards. The team was giving him tens of millions a year, the least they could ask is four hours a week when he isn't racking up Call of Duty XP.

That's not a crazy ask, and it still sounds like Keim feels as though it was a necessary one.

You’ve got to think he’s headed in the right direction,” Keim said. “I just thought he kept getting better and better and better. There’s just some times of inconsistency with him."

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