Embarrassing Photos Show The Crowd For The 'Sold Out' Rutgers/Nebraska Game

Rutgers boasted the game against Nebraska was sold out, but that didn't mean people showed up.

Friday morning, the Scarlet Knights bragged on Twitter that the home Big Ten game against the Cornhuskers was "SOLD OUT!"

When you hear about a game being sold out, you probably assume the stadium is packed. It's probably really hard to get a seat, right? Well, in this case, you'd be dead wrong.

The "sold out" game between the Nebraska/Rutgers had so many open seats at kick off you probably could have sat wherever you wanted.

Take a look at the laughable scene below.

If that's a sold out crowd, I'm a billionaire with a fleet of private jets on stand-by at all times. If you buy what Rutgers was selling, you should buy that nonsense too.

While I'm sure the game was sold out on paper, that means nothing if people don't actually show up to watch the action.

More pictures appeared to show the stadium filled up a bit, but there were still massive gaps all over the place. Specifically, the upper deck had so much space fans could have taken a nap if they wanted to.

If you're going to brag about a sold out game, you might want to make sure people actually show up. You might want to make sure you don't get roasted in front of the country on Twitter.

Just for reference in case Rutgers needs a little help, this is what it looks like when Alabama plays football.

Rutgers boasted about the game being sold out and then lost 14-13 to a bad Nebraska team in front of a marginal at best number of fans. That's a very tough night for the Scarlet Knights.