Daniel Jones Throws Unbelievably Bad Pass During Team Scrimmage

New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones threw a laughably horrific pass during the team's Saturday scrimmage.

The embattled quarterback's future is very much up in the air as he enters the final year of his rookie deal, and if his play during the team's scrimmage is a sign of things to come, he might want to update his resume.

The former Duke star attempted to hit a receiver running an out route towards the sideline, but he floated the ball so inaccurately, you have to see it to believe it.


I don't know what is up with Daniel Jones' arm, but there's never an excuse for a pro passer to ever lob a ball in that fashion.

There's no excuse for a starting high school quarterback to airmail one that badly.

That ball was nowhere near the receiver. Was Jones aiming for someone on the sidelines? That's the only possible explanation that makes sense.

Over the last two seasons, Jones has 21 touchdowns to 17 interceptions in 25 games. He's not even averaging a touchdown a game, and also seems to be regressing.

Now, he's making throws that would get you benched at a much lower level.

Best of luck to Giants fans if this is the QB play you're going to get in 2022. You're all in big trouble!

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