Dallas Cowboys' Micah Parsons Answers After Wearing Philly 76ers Jersey, Which Some Saw As Betrayal

A Dallas Cowboys player received flak for wearing a Philadelphia 76ers jersey, and he's finally explaining why he did it.

Cowboys defensive star Micah Parsons was spotted at Sunday's Game 4 between the Boston Celtics and Philadelphia 76ers, wearing a Tyrese Maxey jersey. He attended the game with top-three NBA draft prospect, Scoot Henderson.

Parsons Shows More Love For Philly Than Dallas (Sad!)

For those wondering why it matters that an NFL star is wearing an NBA jersey in his free time, Philly also happens to be the home of the Eagles, the Cowboys' intradivisional rivals in the East.

Covering up for the jersey discourse, Parsons jokingly tweeted that he wore Maxey's jersey because he's from Dallas, TX.

Nice cover-up, Micah ...

Is it sacrilege to support a team from a rival city? Most sane sports fans would respond, "yes."

It's blasphemy ... it's Philly ... it's blas'philly!

Parsons doesn't have to hate Philly. However, the Harrisburg native (and Penn State alum) does have the responsibility to rep Dallas, or nothing, as the Cowboys' biggest star.

He's also a Phillies fan, which is also offensive.

The Cowboys and Eagles simply don't like each other and it makes for one of the NFL's best rivalries. Let's keep it that way.

Twitter commenters joked that Parsons was auditioning to join the loaded Eagles defense. Cowboys fans, in denial, pardoned his decision to wear the Sixers jersey.

Micah Parsons recently announced that he's bulked up to start playing more reps on the defensive line. He'll need that strength to push off the "headed to Philly" allegations after wearing the Maxey jersey.

How dare he, honestly.

The Sixers had themselves a day on Sunday: tying up the series against Boston at 2-2 with a 116-115 win in overtime.