Charles Barkley Unleashes On PGA On Masters Weekend

Former. NBA superstar and current analyst Charles Barkley -- who appears almost everywhere nowadays -- has never been afraid to share his blunt opinion on an issue.

With the 2023 Masters underway, Barkley joined the Dan Patrick show on Friday morning as the tournament began.

Barkley thinks the PGA Tour golfers have gone so overboard in their criticism of LIV golfers, that he wants one of them to win the Masters.

“I’m rooting for the LIV guys this weekend,” Barkley told Patrick. “Because these PGA Tour dudes have been too rough on these LIV guys. I think the disrespect they’ve shown Phil Mickelson is ridiculous. They should be kissing his ***, to be honest with you because Phil has made those guys more money in the last year and a half…They should be thanking him."

As it stands, Barkley may be onto something.

With round 3 underway, Brooks Koepka is at the top of the leaderboard at -12.

And OutKick's Zach Dean pointed out the blatant attempts from ESPN and CBS to ignore Mickelson, who is still in the hunt at -1, yet has received literally almost no coverage.

Charles Barkley Reveals Golfers Reached Out For LIV Advice

Barkley's golf game is questionable at best, but there's no denying the outspoken NBA personality has an acumen for business.

While ripping the hate from PGA players toward those who bolted for LIV, Barkley actually said a few players reached out directly to the NBA legend for advice.

“But the way they’ve been crapping all over these LIV guys, it’s been disappointing. Hey Dan, they left for another economic opportunity. I’m not mad at them. Three or four of those guys called me and asked me my opinion. I said, ‘Yo man, let’s don’t get into this where our money come from.’ Because if everyone want to sit around and worry about where our money come from, nobody’s gonna be working. I told those guys, ‘Take that money. Screw those guys who are gonna bad mouth you.”

Barkley was even contacted by LIV for a potential role with the controversial golf league.

Even though Barkley reportedly walked away from negotiations to join the Saudi-backed tour in a broadcasting role, he’s been a passionate supporter and staunch defender of LIV Golf.

“No, they haven’t offered me anything. My number one priority is Turner, and I’m not gonna keep Turner in limbo. So that’s my priority. They’ve given me everything I have,” the legendary NBA player told Golfweek during the LIV Tour pro-am

Charles Barkley sat down with OutKick founder Clay Travis last year from a LIV event. Check it out below.

Barkley may be on to something with LIV players leading and competing as the Masters gets more tense. It will be fun to watch to see how it all plays out.

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